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How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Electric Car? It's Good News!

How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Electric Car? It's Good News!


If you are still on the fence about buying an electric car because you are worried about the maintenance costs, we have some good news for you.


Generally speaking, the costs to repair an EV are considerably lower compared to gasoline-powered cars, provided you select the right EV.


Not all EV makes are equal


Our goal is not to knock the reputation of any car maker, but there are certain brands of EVs that cost more to repair than others.


An example would be Tesla which does not have the pedigree of manufacturing cars compared to a company like Ford.



F150 Lightning in the snow

Ford F150 Lightning EV in the snow

This lack of infrastructure and experience has led to massive customer frustration when they get hit with a $20,000+ repair bill to replace a faulty battery.


When you buy a Ford EV, for example, you have peace of mind that if anything major goes wrong with your EV, it is covered by warranty, and Ford has an economy of scale that provides it customers with tremendous savings.


Why EVs are easier to repair and maintain


It comes down to the potential points of failure. With a gasoline-powered car, there are multiple potential points of failure, where you have moving parts, you have heat, friction, and eventual component failure.


Expensive repairs like changing the timing belt, head gasket, or any other key component could set you back thousands of dollars.


With an EV, there is only the battery pack and electric motors to worry about.


The electric motors are relatively simple in nature, and as the EV market grows, it will benefit from innovations in electric motor design and efficiency.


Lower maintenance costs mean more money in your pocket


We have touched on how the costs to repair an EV to a gas-powered car are negligible at best.



Now you should give some thought to making the transition from your current vehicle to an EV. There are a few immediate benefits you will enjoy by making the switch.


The money you are going to save on fuel is a compelling reason to make the chance, especially with gas prices poised to rise as the invasion into Ukraine has become drawn out and impacted the global oil supply.


Electricity prices in Canada are stable and predictable, so you will save a considerable amount of money on fuel.


Financing the purchase of a new EV has never been easier


Something that you should bear in mind is it has never been easier to finance the purchase of an EV.


Whether you are buying a new or used EV, the number of lenders that finance the purchase of these vehicles has grown dramatically, so you will have no problems getting a good deal.


Now that you know the full story of the cost to repair an electric car compared to gas, head over to your local dealership and test drive their EVs.


Once you have sampled the difference, you will fall in love with the performance offered by the EV.


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