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How to Save Money On Gas in Canada: 5 Great Tips

How to Save Money On Gas in Canada: 5 Great Tips

Not everyone wants, or can afford an electric vehicle. While prices are coming down steadily, they are still more expensive than gas cars and will be for a while. If you want to drive green but cannot afford an EV, either get a Hannon car loan or try these simple green driving tips for improving gas mileage.


They aren’t the same as driving electric but they are the next best thing!


Service your car


Driving greener is all about efficiency. Getting the most out of your gas and your car for as little cost as possible. That begins with a service.


A well maintained vehicle is as efficient as it can be and will get as much out of every litre of gas as possible. It will also be as clean as it can be, burning as much fuel as it can while emitting as little as it can.


Under pressure


Tire pressure has quite an influence over fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires require the engine to work harder to turn them. Overinflated tires don’t give sufficient grip to keep you safe.


Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure means they can provide the safety and efficiency they are designed for.


Plan your journeys


Planning your daily commute or road trip in advance can help waiting in traffic, queueing and delays. Going to work ten minutes early can make a real difference to now much traffic you encounter on the way.


The same for road trips. Planning your route ahead of time and avoiding congested areas can get you there faster and with less queueing. Both can help fuel efficiency and minimize pollution.


Travel light


The more weight in your car, the more fuel it will use. If you’re in the habit of keeping your tools or heavy items in the trunk, stop it. Saving even a few kilos in weight could improve fuel economy.


That’s especially true if you live on a hill or travel a lot of hills on your commute!


The need for speed


Maintaining a steady, sensible speed is one of the most effective ways to drive efficiently. Starting and stopping and excessive speed both burn fuel for very little return.


Avoid traffic by planning your journeys and keep speeds sensible when on the freeway or highway. The faster you drive, the harder your engine has to work to push the car through the air, so keep speed sensible wherever possible.


Those are five green driving tips to help protect our planet. We won’t pretend this is comparable to electric driving but until you can afford an EV, it’s the next best thing.


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