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Where to List a Used Car For Sale in Canada

Where to List a Used Car For Sale in Canada

If you need cash, you should consider selling your used car. The used car market in Canada is going through a period of unprecedented growth; buyers from around the world are trying to buy used cars in Canada.


While this is a great opportunity, there are risks that you need to bear in mind as well. This is probably your first time selling a used car in Canada, so we will show you all of the steps that must be covered to list a used car for sale and have a great experience.


Essential paperwork you need to prepare


There are some documents that you need to prepare before you can sell your used car. If you reside in Ontario or your vehicle is registered in Ontario, the first thing you need to do is purchase the official used car sales kit for $20.


You cannot sell your used car in Ontario by using this official kit, so do not try to bypass this requirement. This kit is not downloadable; you need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.


This is not the only document you need to have; you will also need to prepare the service record of your used car.


The document will show receipts for all of the work performed on the vehicle since the day you first bought it.


Potential buyers will not be willing to pay your full asking price without the service record, so get the service record ready while waiting for the sales kit to come in the mail.


The last document you will need to have is the lien release; this proves the car is bought and paid for. You will not be able to find a motivated seller if there is an active lien still against the vehicle.


Never think you can “fool” potential buyers by not mentioning any active liens; it will come out when the buyer tries to register the car in his/her name.


The premier places to list a used car for sale


Try to avoid social media marketplaces when putting your used car up for sale. A platform worth considering would be AutoTrader; it attracts many buyers from all over Canada and the world.


These buyers are actively looking to buy a car, so your chances of finding a suitable buyer will increase dramatically.


An easier way to sell your used car for cash


There is an easier way you can sell your used car for cash, and it is nearby. You simply bring your car to a local dealership and sell it to them.


The dealership will make a cash offer on your car, but they need to conduct their own appraisal; once the appraisal has been completed, the dealership will make an offer. This is a cash offer, and you are not obligated to accept it.


However, by going through the dealership, you can get paid cash for your used car and not have to worry about any of the challenges that come with selling a used car in Canada.



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