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Where to Buy a Used Electric Car: and Find a Good Deal

Where to Buy a Used Electric Car: and Find a Good Deal

The Canadian automobile industry is experiencing a massive shift from gas-powered to all-electric. There are many compelling reasons why you should make the change and buy a used electric car, which we will touch on, but stick around, and we will also show you how to get a great deal on an EV.


Should you buy a used electric car or new?


There is no hard and fast answer when it comes to this question; it is based on preferences and budget.


With used EVs, you can save money because the vehicle has experienced some depreciation since it was purchased, and you can get it right away.


With new EVs, there may have to wait for the car with your exact specifications to be delivered, but then you get the exact vehicle you want.


Buying from a private seller or dealership?


While you could buy a used EV from a private seller on Kijiji, you should think twice.


Since the used EV market is new, it does not have the established track record of the gas-powered used vehicle market.


There could be issues with the used EV that the private seller is not aware of; you could end up with a vehicle that requires a new battery!


The only way to truly keep yourself safe is to buy from a local car dealership that has a pristine customer satisfaction track record.


EVs are expensive, right?


A common misconception is that EVs are expensive, but that is just not the case. EVs are similar to gas-powered cars, with the biggest distinction being the way these vehicles are powered.


The cost to manufacture the batteries for the EVs is coming down, and as carmakers scale production, so will the average retail price of an EV.


You may pay a slightly higher asking price for an EV compared to its gas-powered equivalent, but if you take a look at gas prices, it becomes quite apparent that an EV will save you a tremendous amount of cash over the life of your vehicle.


Life of your EV


Speaking of the life of your vehicle, if you take proper care of your EV, there is no reason you cannot get at least ten years of service from it.


Yes, that was not a typo; ten years of service provided you take good care of the car.


Since most Canadians live in areas where it is cold, your vehicle may experience a reduction in range during the bone-chilling cold days of Winter.


While cold impacts the range of your EV, it won’t hurt the lifespan of the battery like heat. Try not to park the EV in areas where it is extremely hot, and you will get the most out of your EV.


Selecting the right EV make and model


New companies are making EVs, but you should stick with those that have been making cars for a really long time. Companies like Ford and Jeep have a documented track record of success and will be around for decades to come.


We have given you some food for thought, but the only way you will know which EV is the right one for you is by going to a local car dealership and test drive their EVs. Once you have gone for the test drive, it will become abundantly clear which EV is the one for you.


We’d love to help you buy a used electric car. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP or see our selection of used cars at our Burlington dealership. 


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