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The most efficient methods to sell your car in Hamilton

The most efficient methods to sell your car in Hamilton


What are the most efficient methods to sell your car in Hamilton, and get the best price?



The oldest method in the book is technically the simplest, but is it the most effective?  You head over to the dollar store and grab a “For Sale” sign, prop that bad boy up in the windshield of your car and park it at the end of the driveway.  Done and done.


Except you’re not, are you?  How long will your car sit there?  Especially if you live in a neighbourhood that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, foot or vehicular.  Your results will reflect the amount of effort you put into this project, and you may never sell that car.  If you aren’t in a rush and don’t need the cash straight away, you could still try it.  There are always cars with signs in the windows dotted along country roads, so maybe you’ll get lucky.


Social Life

You can sell just about anything you want online and through social media, so why would your car be any different?  There are so many avenues through which you can advertise your car to potential buyers and finding the best site is only the first step.


Options like Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and Craigslist are all free to list and provide great opportunities to reach customers, but are they the most efficient methods to sell your car in Hamilton?  Your ad should have as much detail as possible to ensure your potential buyers don’t hassle you with a barrage of questions.  The usual info of course (year, make, model, KMs), as well as any pertinent vehicle history like if the car has been involved in a crash, and if you’ve been properly maintaining it.  Make sure you clean your car before taking pictures too because you’ll need them from every angle, inside and out.


Finally, you can sell that car.  But first you need to talk to loads of people and try to figure out if they are serious buyers or just tire-kickers looking to take your ride for a spin.  Worse yet: are they scammers who are trying to work you for a profit of their own?  Either way, you’re on your own when it comes to deciding who to let into your vehicle.


We may be taking a skeptical view of selling online, but we’re realists.  Lots of people do have success selling their cars on social media for a high price, and so could you if you trust your gut and have the time it takes to get the job done.


The Dealer Route

This last avenue to explore combines the minimal effort of our DIY method with the feeling of getting the best offer for your car that selling privately can give.


Selling to a dealership hasn’t always been everyone’s favourite way of selling their used car, but those times are done with.  Dealers all over Hamilton and the rest of Canada are actively searching for used cars to put on their lots, so you can get a great offer on your car with next to no exertion.  You can get a high-quality offer on your car from home simply by filling out a form.  What are you waiting for?


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