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Should I Buy a Sedan in Ontario? Reasons to Buy a Sedan

Should I Buy a Sedan in Ontario? Reasons to Buy a Sedan

Looking for your next car? There are many different types to choose from, be it an SUV or a Smart car, however what about the one in the middle, considered the boring option by some, the sedan.


Boring or not there are some distinct advantages to choosing a sedan that you may want to consider before writing the idea off, and we’re going to be going over them in this article

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Better Mileage and Efficiency 

The first reason you should buy a sedan is that sedans are some of the most fuel-efficient cars on the road, which means more miles per gallon of gas and less money for you to spend on gas each month.


Toyota Corolla Hybrid - the most fuel efficient car


While manufacturers have been making strides in the efficiency of other models, none of them match the sedan for fuel economy, and because Sedans are lighter than other models they’ll always have a slight advantage in this department.


Better Handling 

There is a reason that sedans have become a sort of default standard for cars, and that’s that a sedan is actually the ideal shape for a car. Sedans are lower to the ground and therefore more aerodynamic than something like an SUV or hatchback, and they’re heavier than sports cars which gives them more traction on the road.


The result is that a sedan is actually one of the most comfortable types of car to drive and surprisingly fast, especially compared to SUVs with the equivalent power.


Better Price

Arguably the most important reason you should buy a sedan is the cost, Sedans are much cheaper than their lead competitor, SUVs, and while SUVs have their own distinct advantages, they come at a luxury cost.


Sedans are not the cheapest class of car on the market, but for the size and power you get they are much more bang for your buck.


Should you end up in an accident or a collision you’ll also find that for most sedan models the cost of buying and fitting new parts is much cheaper as the parts are more commonplace than for other models of car.


Better Luxuries

Of course, if you do have the cash to splash out then a sedan may be ideal as well since at the higher ranges of price Sedans can be some of the most luxurious cars on the market. Manufacturers tend to put all of their nicest interiors and fanciest new gadgets into sedans before anything else, so if you’re looking for a classy way to get around a luxury sedan Is the way to go.


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