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When Should I Sell My Electric Car? All Your Questions Answered

When Should I Sell My Electric Car? All Your Questions Answered

Despite the media and PR around electric cars being relatively new, they have actually been around in one form or another for well over a decade. If you’re driving one of the older models and would like more range or more technology, now could be a good time to sell your electric car.


But how do you know when it’s time to sell your electric car?


Range Anxiety

Early electric vehicles had around 100 miles of range. That was considered a lot in 2010 but not so much now. Especially when newer EVs like the Ford Mach-E can get between 250-340 miles range.


Other EVs can get similar ranges from their batteries with very little effort now, making your current 100-mile range (on a good day) something you would probably like to improve.


Range anxiety is a big thing for EVs. Say goodbye to that with a new long-range electric car.


Battery Warranty About to Expire

Your EV depends on its batteries to maintain charge and remain efficient to keep the car viable. Most EVs come with a decent battery warranty as they are expensive.


When that warranty runs out or is about to run out, you will then be on the hook for any battery replacements or repairs.


That might not happen for years, but when it does, batteries can be expensive!


“The National Post conducted an informal survey of Western Canadian Nissan dealerships to ask about the cost of replacing a battery pack on a 2013 Nissan Leaf. Estimates ranged from $8,000 to an eye-watering $30,953.28 plus $1,200 in labour.”


That’s more expensive than many new electric vehicles!


Your Current EV is Depreciating too Quickly

Electric vehicle technology is moving incredibly fast. That means what was new a year or two ago is now already old news. While this speed of development is likely to remain, it means depreciation is faster for electric cars than for ICE cars.


This will likely even out over time but for the next few years, you can expect a big drop in value in those first few years or ownership.


Moving Somewhere Not Suitable for EVs

We encountered a customer who was moving from Brantford further into the wilds. She had an EV that worked perfectly in the city but wasn’t going to be much use where she was going.


There was no charging infrastructure and her cabin didn’t generate enough power to charge. So even though her EV was relatively new, it wasn’t going to work in her situation.


While not many people are going to be in this situation, there may be some.


EV No Longer Suitable

Lifestyle changes can also mean it’s time to sell your electric vehicle. For example, you get a new job with a long commute, you switch to being a contractor and need a truck, your family grows and you need a bigger car or SUV, you need to tow a trailer and your EV isn’t up to it, or something else entirely.


Even though EVs are new and are relatively flexible, there are still situations they aren’t built for.


If you find yourself in any of those situations, we can help. Sell your EV to a dealership and we’ll pay top dollar for it.

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