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The Process of Selling to a Dealership in Burlington

The Process of Selling to a Dealership in Burlington

We all know that the process of selling to a dealership is faster, less hassle and safer than selling privately, so how does it work? What happens when you sell your car to a dealership in Burlington?


The process is actually very simple. Much simpler than having to take lots of pictures, write an ad, handling dozens of timewasters and daft questions and then safely managing test drives that’s for sure!


Here’s how the process of selling to a dealership works.


How to sell your car to a dealer


Like most things in life, much is down to the preparation as much as the execution.


Prepare your car for appraisal by giving it a thorough clean and making it look as good as it can look. The more presentable it looks and the less work a dealer thinks they will have to do to recondition the car, the more likely they are to buy it.


We would recommend researching used car prices using your usual sources and get a feel for what your exact make, model, year, trim and mileage will fetch on the open market.


Meet the appraiser


Some dealerships ask you to make an appointment to have your car appraised, some can handle drop-ins. We would suggest calling the dealership first to check someone will be available to help you out. It saves standing around waiting!


Drive into the dealership, park in the visitor’s space and go to the used sales department or reception.


You’ll meet the used car manager or salesperson where they can take some information, discuss any price expectations you might have, ask whether you’re buying as well as selling, have any outstanding finance on the car and other relevant questions.


The inspection


The appraiser will inspect the car, perhaps take a photograph of the VIN or otherwise record it and check the car’s condition inside and out.


They will also take the car for a quick drive to make sure it handles well and doesn’t have any obvious defects.


Depending on the car and the potential value, the appraisal could take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. You may be asked to accompany the appraiser or leave them to their work.


The deal


Some dealerships have dedicated appraisers who do their work while you sit with the used car sales team. Others use the sales team to appraise trade-ins.


Once the appraiser/sales person returns, the sales person will check the VIN against insurance databases to check for theft, accidents and losses and to verify the car’s details.


You will then be made an offer.


Compare the offer to the value you researched earlier and decide if it’s a good offer or not.


If the offer is fair, accept it. If you think the offer is a little low, don’t be afraid to counter. Keep the counter offer sensible and reasonable and the dealer may agree.


If you don’t get the price you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to walk away. They may have too many of that make or model already.


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