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How to Make Money With Your Car in Canada: 7 Possible Ways

How to Make Money With Your Car in Canada: 7 Possible Ways

If you’re having trouble paying your car loan payments, there are options to use the car to help make up the shortfall. In fact, you have a few options to make money driving your car.


While they won’t work for everyone, if you need to make some extra cash, why not use your car to help pay for itself?


1. Rideshare Driver

If you live in or near a large town or city, you could become a rideshare driver to make a little extra money.


Apps like Uber, Lyft, and others are always looking for new drivers. It is easier to use an app and to become an Uber driver than to become a taxi driver and apps have taken off in a big way.


The average earnings seem to be around $25-29 per hour but that depends on your area, the hours you work, and demand. Expect long hours and to work sometimes unsociable hours but there is money to be made.


Rideshare apps will take their cut of your earnings, typically around 25% but the rest is yours.


2. Food Delivery Driver

You might not be comfortable driving other people. However, you can make money by delivering food to hungry customers.. Food deliveries for restaurants and takeaways or through delivery apps like Door Dash and Uber Eats can also provide extra income. You can expect between $12-17 per hour on average depending on where you live and how many deliveries you make.


Food delivery


There are dozens of options for food delivery. From working directly for a restaurant or food outlet to using those delivery apps. Much will depend on the demand and opportunities where you live.


3. Courier or Delivery Driver

Being an owner-driver for a courier firm or Amazon is another way to make money driving your car. While most drivers use vans, schemes like Amazon Flex offer the ability to use your car to make drops.


There are rules about the type of car, the working hours, and timescales but if you can make it work, you could earn between $20-$28 per hour.


4. Advertise With Your Car

Advertising with your car might be an excellent way to earn passive income.


By signing up with an advertising company, you can use your car as a moving billboard. This way, you can earn cash while driving and enjoying your car.


However, the pay depends on the size of the vehicle, which reflects the space for advertisement. Several options, such as Wrapify and Carvatise, can help you earn while you drive.


5. Move Large Objects

You can always earn extra cash by moving large, heavy objects that don't fit into other people's cars. You can make a lot of money moving large items if you have a truck or SUV.


6. Rent Out Your Vehicle

Cars are indeed assets and are capable of making you a lot of money. But what do you do when you have nowhere to go, and it is parked in the garage? How do you earn through your car?


Rent is a viable option that must be exploited if you intend to repay your loan. Similar to the way you rent out your room, you can rent out your car and earn some extra cash.


7. Earning a Little Extra

If you’re working during the day, working more in the evening or at the weekend means less time with family and less time to relax and do your own thing. However, if you’re in a situation, working these kinds of jobs that let you make money driving your car can offer valuable extra income.


Just remember that you’re never an employee with these jobs. You’re a contractor or freelancer and no income is ever guaranteed. Use these options if they work for you but be very cautious about spending any money or buying a newer or larger car just to work for them.


Also remember that you’ll need to tell your insurance company you’re using your car for work and will have to declare the income when tax time rolls around.


Otherwise, these are very viable ways of earning a little extra income!


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