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How to Renew an Expired Driver's License in Ontario

How to Renew an Expired Driver's License in Ontario

Your license has expired or is likely to expire because you haven't driven in a few years. Well, the procedure to get a new one will vary based on how long it's been and might range from a simple charge to starting over from scratch. Here is a guidance on how to renew an Ontario driver's license that has expired.


Less Than 1 Year

If your Ontario driver's license is a full G license, none of your information has changed (such as your address or vision requirements), and you have the funds available to pay the required fee, you should be able to renew it online at the Ontario website if it has expired less than a year ago or hasn't yet.



You must renew it in person at a ServiceOntario centre if any of your information has changed. You must provide a letter of renewal that you ought to have received 90 days before the license expired, as well as another form of photo identification besides the license.


More Than 1 Year

When renewing a driver's license that has expired for more than a year, the procedure is the same as described above, with the addition of a few extra hoops to clear depending on how long it has been since the license expired.


You'll need to take a vision exam in addition to the previous steps if it's been between one and three years. To demonstrate that you are still capable of driving, you must pass several road tests, a written knowledge test, and a vision test every three to ten years.


If it has been more than ten years, you are legally required to start over and do the theory exam, G1 and G2 again. However, it is reasonable to assume that if it has been more than ten years since you have driven, you may need a refresher course.


There is no one-year grace period for G1 or G2 licenses that expire; you must start over immediately.



80 Years or Older

There are additional actions you must do if you are older than 80. For starters, you'll need to renew your license every two years rather than every five, and each renewal will require you to pass a drivers screening, pass a vision exam, attend a group session with others to learn new traffic regulations and general recommendations, and update your record.


You could also need to take another driving test, depending on how the screening goes.


That's how to review an expired driver's license in Ontario depending on your situation! Any questions? Contact us here.


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