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This is How Long it Takes to Sell to a Dealership

This is How Long it Takes to Sell to a Dealership

If you want to sell your old car to a dealership, how long does the process take? What’s involved? Will it take hours? Days? Weeks?


The good news is that in most situations, it takes hours to sell your old car to a dealership. In fact, it could take as little as 90 minutes.

Selling Your Car to a Dealership

The process of selling your car to a dealership is refreshingly simple.


  1. Make an appointment to have the car appraised at one of our dealerships
  2. Prepare the car for sale by cleaning it, making small repairs and ensuring it looks as good as it possibly can.
  3. Bring the car and all its paperwork to us to be appraised
  4. Sit down with a coffee while our appraiser works their magic
  5. Accept the appraiser’s value and decide to sell us the car
  6. Complete the paperwork and walk out with more money than when you came in


That’s all there is to it really.

As long as the car is in saleable condition, doesn’t require too much work and can be resold, we will make you a competitive offer based on what we find.


The appraiser will inspect the car inside and out, take it for a quick drive to test the mechanicals and assess the car’s value.


That value will of course depend on the make, model, trim, year, mileage and condition but we offer very competitive prices!


How Long Does it Take to Sell a Car?

The time it takes to sell a car to a dealership depends on the situation and how prepared you are.


If you arrive with a car ready to assess, all the paperwork with you and in order and there’s no outstanding finance, you could walk out in 90 minutes or so.


If the car needs further inspection, the paperwork is incomplete or there is outstanding finance on the car, the process will take a little longer.


Much depends on the situation.


We can buy cars with outstanding finance but we need to work with your lender to coordinate the sale and the settlement of the loan so it’s free and clear.


That can take some time and some paperwork so can delay the sale a little. We cannot provide an accurate assessment of just how long until we know the situation.


In the vast majority of cases, you can drive in one minute and walk out of here having sold your car within a couple of hours.


If you make an appointment, the process is faster because we make sure we have the people in place to make it happen.


If you drive in, we may need a little time to free up those people to help you. Either way, we don’t keep you waiting long!


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