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The Fastest Way to Sell a Car (and it isn't Close)

The Fastest Way to Sell a Car (and it isn't Close)

Are you thinking about selling your used car but not sure how to go about doing it? You are in the right place.


We are going to cover all of the things you need to do when trying to sell your used car.


This process is fairly straightforward, but it does require some effort from you.


Do you know what your used car is worth?


This can be a tough question; you need to look for other vehicles comparable to yours, both in mileage and overall condition.


Websites like Kelly Blue Book are a great resource when calculating a baseline.


When you are setting your asking price, you should also consider where you are located; if you are living in the GTA, you will have more potential buyers than if you lived in Timmins, Ontario.


Getting the proper documents in place


After you have worked out the asking price for your used car, you need to get the right documents in place to help facilitate the sale.


First, potential buyers are going to ask to see the lien release for the vehicle; this is proof there are no liens on the vehicle.


If there are active liens, potential buyers are not going to make an offer on the car because they cannot register the vehicle under their name until the lien has been settled.


The service record is another important document you will need, along with the lien release.


A well-maintained vehicle will preserve its resale value, but you need proof; the only way you can prove the car was properly maintained is with the service record.


Contact your service center and have them print up copies of all the work that was performed on your vehicle; without these documents, you will not be able to get top dollar for your car.


Preparing your used car to sell


You need to make your car look its best, so prospective buyers will want to buy it. Therefore, have your vehicle professionally detailed both inside and out.


This will require you to pay out of pocket for these services, but it is worth it when you look at the potential upside.


The simplest way to sell your used car fast


There is a simpler way you can sell your used car fast; one way is to reach out to your local dealership and have them buy the vehicle from you.


The dealership is going to buy the car from you, but they will need to conduct an appraisal; when the appraisal is over, they will make a cash offer. If you accept the offer, then you will get paid immediately.


This is the easiest way to sell your used car for quick cash, but you need to contact the dealership and find out how much they are willing to pay.


By going through a car dealership, you are going to get paid fast and not have to deal with the challenges that come with selling a used car on your own, so why not contact the dealership right now.


If you’re looking to sell your car this year fast for a good price, we’d love to buy it! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 


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