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Essential Paperwork Needed to Sell a Car in Ontario

Essential Paperwork Needed to Sell a Car in Ontario

Selling a car is not always difficult. If you’re prepared and have the patience, it can be as simple as advertising, taking pictures and answering calls.


There is a little administration involved though and part of that is the paperwork. Selling cars, like anything else requires some form of paperwork.


Ignoring the mandatory used vehicle information package (UVIP), there are some other things you need to sell your car.


What is the paperwork needed to sell a car in Ontario


To know the answer to this is to be one step ahead in selling a car.


Vehicle history report


Vehicle history report is important paperwork needed to sell a car in Canada. Hardly will anyone buy a car from you if you don't provide some kind of history.


A car without history is an unknown quantity. The buyer won’t know how it has been looked after, whether it has been serviced, whether it has been repaired or had parts replaced.


Bill of sale


A bill of sale is a document that describes the condition of the vehicle, has the agreed-upon price, has the date of transaction, and other necessary details.


The document is used as a form of evidence that the transaction was equally agreed upon. This will help protect you after the sale if the buyer has a problem.


A car can also be sold using an "as-is" document. This paperwork sets the agreement that the buyer is purchasing the vehicle in its current condition and is responsible for any fault on the car that occurs after sale.


Maintenance records


Your buyer needs to know that the car was well maintained therefore would request maintenance records if you have them.


Whether you did your own maintenance or had it done at the repair shop, whatever record you have will be valuable for your buyer.


Warranty document


A warranty document is very helpful in selling a car that’s still under warranty.


Even though some warranties cannot be transferred, it can help justify the price you set for the car.


If you have a warranty, ensure to advertise it when selling the car. It could get you a better offer!


Car title


The car title is essential paperwork to sell a car. This is a document that signifies the owner of the vehicle and also requires the signature of both parties to complete a private sale.


Odometer reading


The law in some regions requires anyone selling a vehicle to provide a copy of the recent odometer reading to their buyer.


Although not all provinces enforce this law. Some states accept that you simply write the current mileage on the car title, while others request a separate document.


Whether you sell your car to a dealership or sell it privately, the more paperwork you provider, the higher the chances of a sale.


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