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What's The Best Place to Sell a Car in Ontario?

What's The Best Place to Sell a Car in Ontario?

If you’re planning to sell your old car anytime soon, choice is something you’re definitely not short of. You can sell it privately, to a car buying service, membership scheme, car concierge or to a dealership. So, which is best place to sell a car?


While we aren’t exactly unbiased, we think selling your car to a dealership has fewer downsides to the alternatives.


Here’s what we mean:


Selling to a Car Buying Service

A car buying service is usually online but there are some companies out there who will buy your car for cash.


The upside is that it’s very little effort and the fees are typically low. You can often get your car valued online and as long as your description of your car’s condition is accurate, you’ll get the price promised.


The downside is that many services will actively look for ways to reduce the price. They will often take any conceivable excuse to take money off their original valuation and push you hard to accept a revised offer.


Selling Your Car to a Membership Scheme

Some credit unions and other organizations offer membership schemes that offer a range of services as part of the price. One service is often the ability to sell your car, either as part of a credit union auto loan or as a separate service.


The advantage is that there are low fees or no fees as it’s a member perk. There may also be options for discounts on loans or other services as part of the deal.


The disadvantage is that there is a bit of legwork required. You’ll often need to take the car to be valued and then potentially face the same challenges as with a car buying service.


Car Concierge Services

Car concierge services like Car Concierge Canada and others act as middlemen between you and dealerships. They don’t usually buy the car from you without you buying another car but otherwise, they are a convenient way to change cars.


The upside is that they handle everything. They negotiate a price for your car and for the car you buy. They can even arrange delivery and collection as part of the price.


The downside is they charge you a commission for their services and it can be expensive!


Selling Your Car to a Dealership

Selling your car to a dealership is as straightforward as it sounds. You’re not trading in and you don’t have to buy a car from us. This is a simple transaction where we buy your car for cash and send the money to your bank.


The benefits are that it’s safe, simple and seamless. Bring the car to be valued, accept the offer get paid into your bank.


The downsides are fewer than these other services that’s for sure!


As we said at the top, we aren’t exactly unbiased here but we genuinely believe that the easiest and overall best way to sell a car is to a dealership. It’s safer than selling privately, easier than using a car-buying service or membership scheme, and definitely cheaper than a car concierge!


In fact, there are very few downsides!




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