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November 15 - December 15, 2021: Our Annual Toy Drive in association with McMaster Children's Hospital

We are thrilled to say the 2021 Toy Drive was a huge success! Our team came together to raise over $1,000 in toys for McMaster Children's hospital, as a company we made a $10,000 contribution. Thank you all so much for your donations, we can't wait to do this again next year.



Car Nation Canada Shares The Toys To Spread The Joy At McMaster Children's Hospital

(Hamilton, ON) - The Paletta family and Jennifer Laughton, VP Development, McMaster Children's Hospital thank the community for your support in our holiday toy driveWhen hospitals come to mind we often think of saddness, dread, and stress. However, Jennifer Laughton assures us that McMaster Children's Hospital is one of the happiness places around. It's filled with hope, faith, happiness and support from the families that are going through similar experiences.The 1,000,000 square feet facilities is home to some of the greatest medical minds, innovation, and procedure techniques. It is also the busiest pediatric hospitalin the area, just second to SickKid. It houses 165 medical bedsand approximately 50,000 emergency visit annually providing care from newborns up to age 18! Although, these numbers may sound daunting, the hospital is highly specialized making McMaster Children's Hospital the primary provider of tertiary health care services for children in Hamilton and the surrounding region. There are so many great things happening within the walls of the hospitals but the real brave souls are the ones lying in the beds. Many patients will not be able to go home to their families orenjoy family dinners because they are undergoing various treatments. But, that does not mean they have to miss out on the spirit of Christmas! Santa will still be making a stop at McMaster Children's Hospital with all his toys.

This year Car Nation Canada delivered a truckload of toys to the hospital. These toys will be sorted and delivered to the children and their siblings on Christmas Eve in time for Christmas morning. When the children wake up, they will be surprised with gifts under their beds! We would like to thank the community for the toys which will help make the healing process for these children a little bit easier. As we learned, these are not toys of play but to the children they are a part of their healing experience.

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