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Why you should sell your car now in Flamborough

Why you should sell your car now in Flamborough


The car shortage has been in the news for years now and while the end is in sight, it’s not over yet.  Issues with supply chains and labor shortages are ongoing which means dealers are having a difficult time filling their lots.  That’s where you come in.

Selling your car to a dealer was traditionally not the best way to get the highest offer, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore.  Car dealers want their lot to be full, so they are willing to pay more than ever before to make that happen.

As a result of the microchip shortage that is affecting the new car market, the demand for and price of used cars has hit record highs.  Because people are willing to pay more for a used car from a dealer, dealers are willing to pay more to put your car on the lot.  Of course, they do still have to turn a profit on the sales, so selling privately might net you a little more cash, but why go through the hassle?

To sell your car in Flamborough privately, you need to choose an avenue whether that’s Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, AutoTrader, or somewhere else.  Then you have to post your ad and deal with all the requests that come in.  Including trying to decipher is someone is a serious buyer or just a looky-loo.  Plus you’ll need to make appointments to meet people and show them the vehicle, which they’ll want to test drive.  Ontario also requires private sellers to purchase a Used Vehicle Information Package.  They’re not expensive, but still an extra cost.  If that seems worth it to you, go ahead.

It’s easier than ever to get started selling your car, with little to no legwork necessary on your part.  Basically all you need to do it have your paperwork (ownership, maintenance history, etc) on hand and have your car cleaned inside and out.  You can request an appraisal online and get going without even leaving the house.


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