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Why you should sell your car in Cambridge

Why you should sell your car in Cambridge

Why you should sell your car in Cambridge

In Cambridge, the best time to sell your car is now.  Dealers all over the place are still looking for cars to fill their lots, so the offers are higher than they have ever been.

Before you make the final call, be sure you’ve weighed the decision carefully.  Don’t sell your vehicle without other transportation options available.  If you can get by with public transit, walking or cycling, then selling your car could save you money.  You may even have a second vehicle and find you aren’t using them both as much as you used to, that’s another good reason to sell.  You’ll save money on maintenance and gas by cutting back to one car.

Ok, you’re ready to sell!  You can start the appraisal process online, and you’ll be contacted by someone with a no obligation offer on your car.

You should wash and detail your car before taking it to the dealership.  Bring all your ownership paperwork and any vehicle history you have with you.  Taking care of these items ahead of time shows that your vehicle has been well cared for and may help you get an even better offer.  You’ll be saving the dealership the costs of cleaning and detailing the car after they purchase it.

At Car Nation Canada Direct, we do our best to ensure that you leave happy when you sell us your car.  Our family of dealerships is known for providing some of the highest offers around, so fill out the appraisal form today and let us help you sell your car with ease!


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