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Why now is the right time to buy EV in Lincoln

Why now is the right time to buy EV in Lincoln

The EV market has been growing consistently year over year in Canada, but 2022 is going to be the tipping point for many.

Throughout the pandemic, most Canadians held off making any major purchases because they weren’t sure what was going to happen in the economy; even now, we are just starting to get back on our feet.

Since we all need a vehicle to lead a normal life here in Canada, you shouldn’t delay buying a new car.

The choice you have in front of you is to buy a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE), a hybrid, or an EV.

The driving force behind most Canadians making the switch to an EV is not the novelty but the money they are saving on fuel.

Gas prices in Canada are at an all-time high and continue to increase as the federally mandated carbon taxes begin to put upward pricing pressure on gasoline.

It can easily set you back $100 to fill up your current vehicle, and with employers trying to get workers back into the office, the costs associated with commuting to work are going to dig into your budget.

Addressing range anxiety and reliability issues with EVs in Lincoln

The primary reason most Canadians were on the fence when it came to buying an EV was the limited range of first-generation EVs.

The first generation only had a few hundred kilometers of range in the battery, and being able to find a charging station was a challenge, even in major metropolitan areas like the GTA.

With government support and free enterprise working in parallel, the number of stage-3 chargers being installed in Canada has taken off dramatically.

You should be able to drive from coast to coast without having to worry about being stranded on the side of the road because your vehicle ran out of juice.

The biggest change was the introduction of level-2 chargers, which can be installed in the homes of EV owners.

This gives you the option of refueling your vehicle during non-peak electricity periods and saving money in the process.

Another benefit of these chargers is if you are just commuting to work, you don’t have to use level-3 chargers and save even more money!

Companies like Ford are producing EVs, so it’s abundantly clear that when a major company like Ford is producing EVs, the technology is here to stay, and there will be ongoing support when buying a Ford EV.

Financing your new EV has never been easier

With mainstream carmakers like Ford producing EVs, the world of EV auto financing has truly opened up, and you can access comparable car loans to what you would get with a conventional car.

To get the best possible terms on a new car loan, you need to reach out to your local car dealership and work with them. This is the surest way to get a great deal on an EV.

EVs are here to stay, and gasoline will become a thing of the past; the question is, how much longer will you continue to give your money to the gas station?

Head over to your local car dealership now and get yourself an EV.

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