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What Canadians need to know about EV driving in the winter

What Canadians need to know about EV driving in the winter

Canadians who are sick of getting ripped off at the gas station and want to save money should think about getting an EV. Electric cars are here to stay, whether we like them or not.

Electricity has the potential to be a renewable resource, while fossil fuels are a limited resource that should be conserved at all costs.

Are electric vehicles good for Canadian winters?

Most Canadians think that EVs are only good in places with warm, consistent weather, like Hawaii or San Diego.

While the first generation of new EVs did have some problems, those problems are no longer an issue.

Range anxiety (to those new to the term) is the fear of running out of power before you get to your destination or find a place to charge your electric vehicle.

When the temperature drops to 20 degrees below zero in the winter, it can affect the range of your EV, but it also affects the range of gas-powered cars. You just plug your EV into your level 2 home charger in the morning to warm it up, and you're good to go.

Chronic lack of charging infrastructure was another problem for the first generation of people who bought EVs.

Luckily, there has been a big push to put level 3 charging stations at gas stations like Petro Canada that are adopting this new technology.

You can have a level 2 charger put in your home and get all or most of the cost reimbursed. These chargers are perfect if you want your EV to always be fully charged.

EVs are expensive and can only be bought by rich people

This is an urban legend that was probably blown out of proportion by people who want drivers not to switch.

Even though some EVs can cost a lot of money, those are the luxury models that are the same as gas-powered cars.

You can buy an EV for a little more than $35,000, and the prices are going down as the big car companies start to make more of them. In the future, this economy of scale will make EVs more affordable.

Making a case for buying an electric vehicle as soon as possible

In Canada, an EV can handle all four seasons, and the science that goes into them will only get better as time goes on.

The price of gasoline won't go down over time. Carbon taxes are driving up the price of gas at the pumps, so you need to decide if now is the time to drive less or if you want to keep feeling the pain at the pump.

There are some great EVs out there, and you should do yourself a favor by going out and test-driving them.

Once you've driven an EV, it will be hard to go back to a gas-powered car, especially when you think about how much money you could be saving.

Even if your credit isn't great, there are dealerships near you that can help you get a loan for an electric vehicle (EV), but you need to contact them right away.

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