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What Canadian drivers need to know about EVs in 2022

What Canadian drivers need to know about EVs in 2022

Do you wish you weren’t being ripped off every time you fill your car up with gas?

Of course, you wish there was a way to drive without having to pay an arm and a leg for fuel. Your best option is to switch to an EV, but which one!

EVs are not all cut from the same cloth

When you hear the word EV, what comes to mind? The average person will think of Tesla not because it is the best vehicle or the right one for your situation; the reason you hear so much is that the founder of the company is always in the news.

There have been massive amounts of advancements in battery technology, and the current batch of EVs produced by Ford, Jeep, and other major carmakers are worth your attention.

These carmakers know how to build reliable gas-powered cars; now that the majority of EVs made by these companies have ranges of 400KM-500KM with their base models, you can say goodbye to range anxiety.

What is range anxiety? It is the fear that your EV will run out of electricity before you are able to find a charging station.

This is fearmongering at its finest; the same anxiety could be felt for gas-powered vehicles. Granted, there are more gas stations throughout Canada than charging stations.

Those numbers are growing; also, you can charge your car at home, which is an option that is not provided to gas-powered vehicles.

Cut your gas budget by 100 percent

Would you be interested in cutting your gas purchases by 100%? Most Canadians have to drive to work and bring the kids to school; this takes gas.

The average Canadian can easily spend $100 a week on gas, that is $5,200 per year just for commuting, and that amount will only go higher.

With an EV, you are no longer tethered to the whims of OPEC and the world price of gas. But you need to make sure you select the right EV for your needs.

Are EVs reliable in winter?

These vehicles are every bit as reliable as their gas-powered counterparts, if not more. You need to follow some best practices when driving in the winter weather, but it applies to both types of vehicles, gas or electric.

You need to install Winter tires and before setting out in the morning, give your EV a few moments to “warm up.” These simple steps will go a long way in helping you drive safely during the Winter.

Taking advantage of government rebates

There are rebates available if you buy an EV; these rebates can put more cash in your pocket and help you qualify for a competitively priced EV.

You will need to get help in applying for the rebates and also lock in a competitive interest rate. To lock in these rates, you will need the help of a dealership in your area. There are websites that “offer” the best financing.

Still, nothing comes close to the level of service a local dealership can offer you, so contact your local dealership today and book a test drive.

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