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Top tips for successful car sales

Top tips for successful car sales

Selling a car can be tricky. While the market is hot and buyers are plenty, they all expect more and want better value for money. It is no longer enough to take a few pics of your car and put it online, you now have to prepare it property.

Whether you sell your car to a dealership or sell it privately, these tips should help.

Clean the car thoroughly inside and out

Buyers want to be able to see the true condition of the car. It’s difficult to do that when it’s hidden under dirt, grime and crusted road salt.

Give your car a thorough clean inside and out so buyers can see the real thing. Clean the wheels, the windows, the bodywork, lights and make your car shine.

Remove all your trash from the interior, clean out all the cubbies, glovebox and anywhere else your stuff was stored.

The cleaner the car, the better the photographs, the more chance you’ll get a sale.

Get your car serviced

If it’s almost time for a service, having it done now will help with the sale. It’s another thing the buyer doesn’t have to worry about and reassures them all the important stuff will have been checked.

If you’re selling a dealership, you don’t necessarily have to worry about servicing as we’ll do it as part of reconditioning. If you’re selling privately, having a recent service stamp can make a real difference.

Make small repairs

See any obvious scratches in your paintwork? Tires worn? Turn signal bulb blown? These are all things you can repair yourself for cheap. Spending an hour making small repairs like these can improve the value slightly, but mainly improve your chances of getting a sale.

Selling is all about offering maximum convenience for the lowest price. The less a buyer has to do when they buy the car, the more likely they are to buy it.

That’s why dealerships are so successful. They take care of everything so the buyer doesn’t have to. That convenience is so prized that people willingly pay more for it.

You can do the same.

Know the value

A key stumbling block for many people trying to sell a car is pricing. People either price too high or too low. Neither works out well for you as a seller.

Price to high and people won’t buy. Price to low and you won’t get the true value of the car.

Use Carfax, Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji. Compare like for like. Compare the same make, model, year, trim and even mileage if there are enough examples.

Price your car in the middle of the range you find and you’ll be in a good position.

Make sure the ad is 100% accurate

People are an unforgiving bunch right now. Get even a tiny detail wrong and it could ruin the sale.

Read your ad carefully. Double check the year, mileage, trim, condition and anything else you mention. Make sure the images accurately reflect your car while also showing it in its best light.

Alternatively, sell your car to our dealership. We take the stress out of car sales while still giving you a great price!

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