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Tips when buying an EV in Canada for the first time

Tips when buying an EV in Canada for the first time

Are you seriously thinking about buying an EV? There are many distinct advantages that come with making the switch; we are going to cover what steps you will need to take if you want to make the most of this opportunity

The benefits of owning an EV

In Canada, retail pricing for EVs is now comparable to those of the majority of mid-range and higher-range vehicles, despite what you may have heard.

To enable the production of EVs, Canadian automakers are investing heavily in retooling their factories.

While they are not creating the wheel, they are swapping the powerplants for the vehicles, which is a logistical problem of epic proportions.

This process does not happen overnight.

Consider the fact that Canada has over 35 million vehicles on the road or around one vehicle per person and that this did not happen overnight, nor will the switch to EVs.

You could argue that it makes sense to hold off on purchasing an EV until almost everyone has one.

This strategy is sound, but you should consider the advantages and disadvantages given that gas prices are rising and will never be this cheap again.

What would it do to your household budget if a litre costs $2.00 to $2.50 and a fill-up for your car costs $100? Especially now that inflationa is ruining the economy!

You will have to pay more to get fuel and replacement parts for your automobile as there will be less of a market for gasoline and auto parts as more people get EVs.

Although it may seem contradictory, less demand forces producers to raise prices in an effort to extract more money from each consumer.

Choosing the ideal EV

There are both smaller competitors and well-known brands in the EV market. You could be enticed to test-drive the most recent models from start-ups like Tesla.

Although Elon Musk has a sizable online following, will his business still exist in 10, 20, 30, or 40 years?

There is no doubting that his cars have become well-known, but you should also take into account names like Jeep and Ford, who sell EVs and have been present since the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, respectively, meaning they will continue to exist for a considerable amount of time.

The established automakers will be in a better position than the start-ups to offer you favourable financing conditions.

Therefore, the decision to purchase will be easier if one can obtain reasonable financing from reputable automakers.

While we may discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an EV, as with riding a bicycle, the only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

The majority of COVID limitations have been lifted, so you can book an EV test drive at your nearby dealership with no commitment to buy.

Which of these cars is right for you will become obvious to you after you test drive an EV. After driving an electric vehicle, you'll never desire a gas-powered vehicle again.

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