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Steps to follow when trying to sell your used car

Steps to follow when trying to sell your used car

When trying to sell a used car, it helps to have the right approach. By sticking with these tips, you should be able to get a good price and avoid major hassles at the same time.

Working out the fair market value of your car

Do you have a number in mind on what you want to charge for your car? You need to set a price that makes sense but is not too high or it will turn off potential buyers.

You can usually look at websites like Kijiji Autos to find out what other similar cars have sold for and use that as a baseline.

If you are not sure what to quote, you could go to a local dealership for an appraisal which we can discuss later. After you have figured out what you want to get for your car, you can start looking for places to advertise.

Paid vs free advertising

This is a tough call, while paid advertising works it may not make financial sense especially since you will be competing with professional sellers who will pay a premium just to have their advertisements appear above yours.

While free advertising is priced just right, it does not mean you will get the result you want. You have to write up a compelling advertisement that provides full disclosure on the condition of the car.

It could take a few days or weeks before you start getting responses to your free advertisements, there are no guarantees you just have to post the advertisement all over and hope it gets traction.

Beware of social media

While posting on free classified websites is one way to reach potential buyers you should resist the temptation to post on social media. There are a few inherent issues with posting on social media, we will touch on some of the major ones.

The first is that the people who use social media are not motivated buyers, they spend a considerable portion of their day frankly wasting time so when they contact you about the car it will most likely end up being a fruitless conversation for you.

You will notice the buyers on social media will ask you a host of questions about the car and then come back with a low offer that simply doesn’t make sense. Should you accept the offer the buyer still may not have the cash on hand to buy the car so you should not even bother with social media.

Shortcut to sell your car

If you are looking for a shortcut, then you could contact local car dealerships and ask them for an appraisal of your car. Not only can you get the appraisal on the spot but the dealership will be able to make a firm offer.

The great thing about these firm offers is you will have the cash in your hand right away should you accept the offer. This smooth and easy transaction is why you should consider going to a dealership instead of putting up with the hassles of trying to sell a car on your own.

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