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How to Stay Safe when Selling your Car in Mount Hope

How to Stay Safe when Selling your Car in Mount Hope

If you’re not planning on trading in or selling your old car to a dealership, selling privately is your only other option. It’s a very common way to sell cars but can be risky. While instances of scams are relatively low, there is still a risk. Our Mount Hope auto loan team have come up with some actionable ways to stay safe when selling your car to a dealership, and minimalize the risk of scammers. We hope they help.


Make sure the ad is accurate


It’s important to get your car ad as accurate as possible for many reasons, but one is to avoid the miss-sell claim. Make sure your ad accurately describes the car, its condition, any faults, the correct mileage and any images properly reflect the car’s condition.


When the ad is up, take screenshots of it so you have evidence of the ad. Then, if a buyer tries to claim you miss-sold the car, you have the evidence to back you up.


Use a private number service


Some classified ad platforms will hide your real phone number behind a system number to help keep you secure. If there is the option to use that, use it.


Not having your phone number on the internet can save you from a multitude of scams and prevent it being picked up by internet scrapers and resold.


If there isn’t a private number service, get a burner phone. They are cheap, readily available and helps keep your real number private.


Take names and phone numbers


Talking of numbers, collect the name and phone number of anyone who books to come view the car. Genuine buyers won’t mind you taking their full name and phone number.


Anyone who doesn’t want to be identified is likely a scammer or time waster and you can do without those!


Be mindful of out of area buyers


Unless you drive something custom or unique, be aware of out of province buyers or buyers from far away. Unless your car would attract such attention, be aware that they could be a scammer.


Be especially careful if they say they are in the military serving overseas, working on oil rigs, in the navy or something like that. While some will be genuine, it’s a well-known scam that will ask you to pay for shipping the car in return for a money order from abroad.


Don’t view alone


When it comes to letting people view the car, make sure you’re not home alone. Make sure your partner is around or you have buddies over. Don’t have them hovering over you but make sure they are visible in the house or yard.


Try to capture a good picture of the buyer using your CCTV or mobile phone. If the sale goes well, you can delete it, if it doesn’t go so well, you can identify the perpetrator.


Take care on the rest drive


Don’t let the buyer test drive alone. Even if you’re selling a two-seater, make sure you’re in the other seat.


If they want you to drive first and switch later, make sure to remove the keys and keep them with you when you switch. A common trick is to wait until you get out the car to walk around before they slide across the seats and drive off.


If they bring a friend or ‘partner’ you take one too. Otherwise, have a friend follow you on the test drive just to make sure you stay safe when selling your car.


Scams are not common but they do happen. You could avoid them altogether by selling your old car to a dealership but these tips should help too!


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