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Trade In Or Private Sell My Old Car In Port Colburn?

Trade In Or Private Sell My Old Car In Port Colburn?

Planning to buy a new car? Looking at Port Colburn auto loans? Wondering whether to trade in or private sell your old car? It’s all part of the car buying process and something thousands of Canadians go through each week.


We’re not in the habit of telling you what to do but we can outline some pros and cons to a trade in or private sell of your old car. That may be enough to help you make a decision about what comes next.


Pros of trading in your old car


Pros of trading in your old car include:


The easy solution – The main benefit of trading in is that it’s easy. Sure, the car will need to be inspected and you need to agree a price but it’s easier than listing privately, handling test drives and test pilots and negotiating with random people.


Dealerships are clean and tidy, sales people are friendly and you can drink coffee while you deal. What’s not to like?


Trade in prices are better than they used to be – Not all that long ago, people avoided trade ins because the offers were occasionally insulting and usually low. Not any more. The used car market has grown massively so demand for used car has risen. This results in much more competitive offers.


Cons of trading in your old car


Cons of trading in your old car include:


Not always market rate offers – While offers have improved, some dealers still don’t play fair. Many trade in offers will be significantly lower than market rate. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to accept it but it will mean hard negotiation or trying another dealership.


Pros of selling your old car


Pros of selling your old car instead of trading it in include:


Higher sales figure – Private sales will usually get your more money than trade in. The difference between trading in and selling privately is much narrower now but there will still be a difference. The higher the value of the car, the bigger the difference in price.


Cons of selling your old car


Cons of selling your old car include:


Time and effort – This is a big downside as far as we’re concerned. You have to list the car, take a ton of pictures, handle enquiries and timewasters, manage test drives and test pilots and be available to take calls or respond to messages.


Negotiation – Some people will negotiate sensibly and will be a pleasure to do business with. Others want something for nothing and will use every trick in the book to part you with your car. At least in a dealership, you’re dealing with a professional who will treat you with dignity.


Crime – While not as prevalent in Canada as it is in the US, crime related to car sales is much more common than it should be. You have to be careful when listing your car, when giving out your address and when allowing test drives.


So there you have it. While we aren’t exactly unbiased, we think trading in is easier, faster and safer than selling privately. What do you think?


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