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Should you sell your gas car just to buy an electric one?

Should you sell your gas car just to buy an electric one?

The world is changing in ways we can't imagine. With the environmental changes in the world, many governments are trying to discourage gas cars and encourage electric ones.

As a result, electric cars are becoming more popular within the streets of Canada. Several brands of electric vehicles such as Ford, Kia and Jeep are now common.

Yet, the choice of switching to an electric car is not a simple one. This article explains why you should consider selling your gas car to get an electric one.

Why should sell your gas car to buy an electric one?

Canadian Federal government incentives and rebates: The Canadian government has budgeted billions of dollars towards carbon reducing endeavors.

As a part of this process, they have several incentives set aside for your next electric vehicle. They also have a robust rebates system that allows them have access to:

  • $5000 cashback: They can access this cashback when the vehicle has hydrogen fuel gas, a battery-electric and a longer range plug in hybrid vehicles.
  • $2500 cashback: There is $2500 cash back if the range plug in the hybrid vehicle is shorter.

They are different rebates and incentives in provinces such as Quebec and British Columbia. Unfortunately, there are no incentives in regions such as Ontario for electric car uses.

Cheaper cost of charging: The cost of gas has to be the biggest motivation for wanting to switch to an electric car.

All over the world, the cost of gas has been on the rise. However, the cost of charging your electric vehicle is much more stable. It has been estimated that the cost of fueling your car is five times that of charging your electric car.

For instance, you can save up to $1400 within a year, by using an electric car. Although, the cost of gas varies across different territories, but the expenses are still the same.

Maintenance and Care of Electric Cars: Electric batteries are the commonest problems that electric vehicle encounter.

At the moment, the cost of an electric car battery is enormous. However, an electric car battery has an average lifespan of ten years, within which it can be changed.

Furthermore, the price of electric batteries is dropping, making it more affordable for electric vehicle owners. Regardless of this, the overall cost of maintaining an electric car is lower compared to that of gas cars.

Why are Canadians discouraged from buying electric cars?

  • Cost of purchasing an electric car: The cost of purchasing an electric car is extremely high. This is because electric cars cost up to three to four times what a gas car costs.
  • Battery Capacity: Most electric cars have a low capacity and can barely go the distance. A lot of gas cars are built to go for as long as 1500km without breaking down.

On the contrary, the longest an electric car can travel is around 500km, with the average EV in Canada going 240km. Due to the strength of their batteries, electric vehicles are not built for travelling long distances.

Regardless of the concerns of Canadians, electric vehicles are here to stay and will certainly increase in acceptance over time. Therefore, it is a viable option to consider, if you can afford it.

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