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Selling your car in Grimsby: Private or Dealer?

Selling your car in Grimsby: Private or Dealer?


Let’s look at some differences between selling your car privately versus to a dealership.

Speed and Ease of Transaction

Private – Selling your own car online can be a lengthy process.  You post your ad and then have to wait to see if anyone will bite.  Depending on the time of year, where you live, and your social network, you could be waiting a long time.

Dealership - Selling to a dealer can be quick and easy!  You can start the process online from home and receive a no-obligation appraisal before even leaving the house.  No need to post any ads or handle messages and calls from strangers.

Quality of Offer

Private – Traditionally, the only way you’d be able to get a competitive offer would be to sell privately.  If you have a highly customized or classic vehicle, this may still be the case because many dealerships don’t have the demand for those types of cars.

Dealership - The new and used car market is still working to catch up after all of the shortages of both raw materials and workers in the last couple of years.  What this means for you as a seller is that dealers are paying higher than ever to get used cars on their lots.  The year and condition of the vehicle matter less than in previous years, so now may be the best time ever to sell to a dealer.


Private – Not that it’s necessarily unsafe to sell your car privately, but you do make yourself more susceptible to scams and con artists.  In all likelihood you’ll have to give out your address to strangers so they can see the car, and payment may not always be clear cut.  There’s just more risk involved in private sales.

Dealership – A dealership is a safe and secure place to complete your transaction.  With so much done online now you can have most of the work out of the way before you even set foot in the showroom.  You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive legitimate payment straight away from a licensed dealer.  And no need to have anyone at your house!

It all depends on your situation and your personality.  If you want to be independent and sell on your own, go for it!  If you want a quick, easy and secure transaction, come see us at Car Nation Canada Direct.


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