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Selling your car in Beamsville for Top Dollar

Selling your car in Beamsville for Top Dollar


We’ve got some top tips on how to sell your car in Beamsville for the most money.

Start at the beginning

Ok, so maybe it’s too late to start at the beginning with your current car, so use this tip for your next one.  Right from the onset, stay on top of and keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance.  If you have everything in order all the time, you won’t be scrambling when it comes time to sell trying to piece together the bits of your car’s life.

Be mindful of customizations

We all want our vehicle to tell the world about who we are, but if you’re planning on trading it in or selling it down the road you have to think about the effects any customizations will have on the resale value.  Most after-market custom work doesn’t add value but decreases it in the eyes of buyers.  Neutral colours tend to have the highest resale value.


As with any big decision, research is an important step.  In this case, you want to research what your car is selling for in your area.  Your car may have higher demand in Beamsville than elsewhere so you might be able to get a higher offer on it.  Regardless, having an idea of what you can expect before you even get started with negotiations is a smart move.

Clean it up

It will be worth it to wash, wax and detail your car before bringing it to a dealership to trade in or sell.  Do your best to clear out any garbage, old receipts, personal belongings etc.  Vacuum the seats and rugs (get all those crumbs out of there) and try to remove any odors that may be lingering.  The goal is to have it looking like a blank slate, not a brand-new car.

You’re nearly ready to sell your car!  At Car Nation Canada Direct, we’re here to help you along the way and we’ll make sure you leave happy with your choice to sell your car to us.


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