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Selling a Used Car in Ontario in 2022 - Simple Guide

Selling a Used Car in Ontario in 2022 - Simple Guide

If you're selling a used car, you are in the right spot. We are going to show you the steps that must be taken, if you want to get a fair price for your used car.


The used car market is in a state of flux


Before Covid took the world by storm, selling a used car in Ontario was fairly straightforward, you just list your car for sale on AutoTrader and wait for someone to respond.


The pandemic has taken a serious toll on the supply chain, we are seeing the effects at the supermarket and even at the car dealership.


Carmakers are trying to ramp up production to meet demand, but there is a shortage of microchips that are needed to build these vehicles. It will take months if not years for enough of these microchips to be made.


Car buyers are presented with two options, wait a few months for delivery of their new car or buy a used car right away. Most buyers do not have the luxury of waiting for their new car to be built, so they are trying to buy from the used car market.


The challenge is, there is not enough used cars to meet the needs of everyone. In the past, a used car could take weeks to sell but now cars are selling in a matter of days.


With all the demand, you should implement these tips so you can maximize your earning potential.


How to create a great used car advertisement


The first step is taking high resolution photos of the car both inside and out. Pop the hood and make a video of the engine running, so buyers can see the car is in good mechanical shape. This is a step that most used car sellers don’t bother with, the fact you are making an effort will help your advertisement stand out.


Did you download the used car sales kit from the Government? You should do it now, if you haven’t. Without this kit, you cannot sell your used car so nip this paperwork requirement in the bud immediately.


Tips on having a great experience with prospective buyers


We all shop online, it has become second nature for us. But when you are selling your used car, you should use the old school, in-person approach.


If you receive offers from people who are not willing to meet you in person, don’t entertain those offers. A reasonable person would want to meet you and take the car for a test drive, any person who doesn’t follow this process is not likely to be a “good fit”.


Should you find yourself in a situation where you need cash fast, you can turn your used car into quick cash by going to a local car dealership.


The dealership will do an appraisal of your vehicle and then present you firm cash offer, if you accept the offer then you will leave the dealership with cash in hand.


Prior to selling your used car, just make sure you won’t be needing another vehicle for quite some time, it may be years before the auto industry recovers.


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