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4 Considerations to Make when Selling a Car this Year [2022]

4 Considerations to Make when Selling a Car this Year [2022]

If you are thinking about selling a car this year, there are some important things you must consider.


This is most likely your first time selling a used car, so there are some inherent risks that must be taken into account, to increase your chances of success.


We are going to cover what are the key things you need to do when selling your used car, no matter where you live in Canada.


Determining the asking price of your used car


When determining the asking price of your used car, something that you must take into consideration is your location.


Where you live will impact how much you can charge for the used car. If you live in the GTA, you have a larger pool of potential buyers than someone living in Moncton, New Brunswick.


The fewer potential buyers in the geographic area, the lower your initial asking price.


When pricing out your used car, you should always keep your prince comparable with others in a similar geographic location.


Suppose your initial asking price is too high. In that case, you may not get any offers at all because prospective buyers are focusing on sellers that have lower asking prices.


Do not give into the temptation of lowering your asking price too much; if the price is too low, it may prompt potential buyers to try and lowball you even further. By using the average price of the used car, you stand a better chance of getting some competitive offers.


Where to list your used car for sale


There are many different platforms you could put your used car up for sale. The challenge is that not all of these platforms will attract the right mix of suitable buyers.


You should focus on platforms geared to used car buyers; websites like AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos would be an excellent place to start.

These websites attract millions of Canadians on a monthly basis.


Making your used car advertisement shine


Now that you know how much to ask for your used car and where to list it for sale, you must take some high-quality photos of the vehicle and upload them.


You really want your used car advertisement to stand out, along with posting images.


In that case, you can also include videos of the interior and exterior of the car.


By adding these little touches, the car will stand out, and you should be able to attract a larger number of offers from qualified buyers.


A quick and easy way to sell your used car for cash


We would be remiss if we did not tell you there is a way you can sell your used car for cash, and it doesn’t require much effort on your part.


You just drive the used car down to a local car dealership and sell it to them. The dealership will perform an appraisal to determine what is a reasonable price for the car, and based on the appraisal; they will make a cash offer.


If you take the cash offer, the dealership will pay you right away for the used car.


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