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Things to Know when Selling a Car in Canada

Things to Know when Selling a Car in Canada

Selling a car in Canada is fairly simple in theory, you just need a car and to find someone willing to pay you what you want for it. Well, everything, in theory, is easy but unfortunately, we live in the real world.


Tire kickers are everywhere


When selling a car in Canada, the first thing you will realize is people love to waste your time with tire-kicking questions. They will ask you what appears to be “buying questions” about the car and you will quickly answer all of their questions only to have them come back and say “I can only offer $1,000 a week from now” or some other low-ball offer.


Not only are these individuals wasting your time, but they also were never really interested and just trolling for a good time!


Local newspapers don’t work


Unless we are still in the 1990s, you would be wasting money, time, and precious ink having your car advertisement appear in a local newspaper.  Who reads the newspaper aside from our parents and grandparents who aren’t interested in your car.


Using AutoTrader or similar platforms


Car dealerships are using these platforms to try and reach customers all across Canada. Do you want to compete with them and their massive advertising budgets? We are not trying to sound sarcastic or make you feel bad, just don’t want you to spend money on advertisements that will simply not work.


Hassles associated with private sales


Imagine you sold your car to someone, you signed the registration and handed over the keys right after they gave you a cheque(that’s how we spell it in Canada). You head over to your bank and deposit the check only to find out a few days later it bounces.


Not only are you hit with an NSF fee for depositing a bad check but you don’t have a car. You could call the police and say the car was stolen but they will say it is a civil matter because of the bill of sale. By the time you take the person to court, the car may be destroyed or the individual may simply not pay you for it!


Not getting the asking price


The economy is facing some challenging times ahead and while there is a spike in demand for used cars, your local private buyer simply does not have the cash on hand to make the purchase. They will come up with every excuse in the book to justify a low-ball quote.


Make your life easier


Instead of jumping through these hoops of fire hoping to sell your car, why not just call your local dealership and ask them for an appraisal. You are under no obligation to accept the offer but they will offer something that is both fair to you and the dealership.


If you want to maximize the resale value of your car, you might consider using it as a trade-in and buy a new car. Most dealerships will give you special consideration when trading in your current car to buy a new one from them.


They will also offer a fair price if you don’t want to buy too!


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