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3 Steps to help to Sell a Used Car in Ontario [2022]

3 Steps to help to Sell a Used Car in Ontario [2022]

There are some important steps to follow when trying to sell a used car in Ontario; these tips are easy to follow.


Unfortunately, the Ontario government requires all private car sales to use the official sales kit. It costs $20, and you will need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.


While you are waiting for the kit to arrive, there is some additional paperwork you will need to prepare. Do you have a complete service history of the car?


Every time you brought the car in to have work done, you would have received a receipt detailing the work that was performed.


Prospective buyers want to know if the vehicle was adequately maintained, and these receipts provide that evidence.


Potential buyers will also want to know if the vehicle was involved in an accident and will look it up on CarFax. If your vehicle was involved in an accident, you should mention it in your listing; no one wants to deal with a car seller that is shady.


Getting your car ready to sell


Once you have the paperwork taken care of, your focus can now shift to getting your car ready to sell. You should bring your vehicle for professional detailing; who wants to buy a car that looks like garbage?


The money you spend on having the vehicle detailed is money well spent.


After the detailing work has been completed, you can take out your camera and start taking some top-notch images. This step will take time, but the more quality photos you take now, the more likely you will receive competitive offers.


Things to avoid


After you have posted your ad, there will be messages coming in from interested buyers.


If you notice offers from buyers out of town or the province, you should not deal with them.


There are numerous scams taking place on the Internet, and one of the common scams that take place is where a “buyer” is out of town and cannot come to buy the car in person but will send you a payment by courier.


The payment arrives, and you deposit it, thinking everything is legitimate. However, after you have confirmed receipt of the payment, the buyer will have someone stop by and pick up the car.


You hand over the keys, and after a week or two, you notice your bank account in the negative by the amount of the payment sent by the “buyer.”


These scams happen all the time, and there is practically nothing the police can do after the scam has taken place.


Most pain-free way to sell your used car


There is a pain-free way to sell a used car in Ontario and avoid all of the hassles that we just covered. Take your car down to a dealership, and the first thing they will do is determine what your vehicle is worth.


After they have sorted out the fair market value, the dealership will make an offer, and if you accept it, then you get paid right away.


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