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How to Easily Sell your Car in Lincoln Ontario

How to Easily Sell your Car in Lincoln Ontario

What do you need to know before you sell your car in Lincoln Ontario?  First you need to decide how and where you’re going to sell it.  Then you need to find out what it’s worth so you can make sure you get a fair offer.  At Car Nation Canada Direct, we’re here to tell you just how to go about doing that. 


First things first, should you sell privately, or to a dealership?  If you have a highly customized vehicle, it may be in your best interest to sell privately.  Dealerships often don’t have the market for custom cars.  However, if you’re looking to upgrade your two-door Jeep Sahara to a four-door Wrangler, a dealership is probably the way to go.  We can offer you the best price for your used car, and help you finance that new one. 


Consider where you are as well: if you live in a smaller community like Lincoln, you may not be able to reach as many potential buyers on your own as a dealership could.  You are also more likely to be able to sell a four-wheel drive SUV in Southern Ontario in winter than you are a convertible, so keep that in mind too. 


Now, regardless of the path you choose, you should have a clear idea of your car’s value before you go about selling it.  Take a look around the web to see what your car is selling for.  There are lots of sites that make it easy: CarFax, Kelly Blue Book, and AutoTrader to name a few.  Search for your exact make and model to make sure you get the most accurate information. 


Take an objective look at your car and take note of any imperfections you see.  If there are minor repairs that can be done at minimal cost, take care of them before getting your car appraised.  Be honest with your buyer about any mechanical issues or prior work the car has had. 


Give your car a thorough clean inside and out before getting your appraisal.  A clean car is a blank slate to a potential buyer, and you want them to be able to see themselves in the vehicle.   


When you’ve made your decision to sell with us at Car Nation Canada Direct, get started on our website and see for yourself how easy we make the process.  Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with your decision, whether you buy a vehicle from us or not.   


Get an Instant Cash Offer with just a few pieces of information, browse our current inventory, and apply for financing, all in one place.  Let us help you sell your car the easy way! 


If you're looking to sell your car quickly and safely, why not sell your car in Lincoln to us at the Car Nation Direct Online Buying Center! Fill in the form below for a free no-obligation appraisal on your car. 


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