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3 Quick Tips to Sell your Car for Good Money in Ontario

3 Quick Tips to Sell your Car for Good Money in Ontario

These suggestions are going to help you sell your car for good money in Ontario, Canada. It's a quick two minute read and should give you some things to consider!


Working out the asking price for your used car


You probably don't know how to price a used car properly; these tips will help make things much simple. Pricing a used car is similar to calculating the value of real estate; you need to look at the comparable vehicles.


There are websites that are used primarily for buying and selling used cars; an example of this is Kijiji Autos.


When you visit these websites, you can note what similar cars are selling for, but you need to note what part of Canada they are being sold from. For example, cars usually sell for higher in Vancouver than what they do in Yellowknife.


As a general rule, the more people there are in a particular location, the more potential buyers you will have available to sell your car for good money in Ontario.


Having your paperwork in order


This is a step that most first-time used sellers overlook that could lead to major headaches down the road.


If you are in Ontario, you need to download a special government-approved sales kit. This kit is necessary for any private sale of a used car.


There are some additional documents you will need to prepare. First, you should have a lien release when you made the final payment on the car loan.


Most people are not able to pay cash for a new car, so they need to get a loan. The lien release is proof that you paid off the loan; without it, prospective buyers will not be willing to make an offer.


A lien is a legal claim to your vehicle, and a new owner will not be able to register the car in their name without paying the lien. Therefore, by having the lien release ready in advance, you are making your life much easier.


The next series of documents that must be prepared for the prospective buyer is the car's service record.


These documents show what work was performed on the vehicle and when it took place.


This helps show the vehicle was properly maintained, which helps you get the most money possible for the car. If you are not able to find all of them, you can contact the shop that did the work and ask them to provide you with a copy.


Quick and Easy Way to Sell your Car for Good Money in Ontario


There is a way that you can flip your used car for quick cash; you should call your local car dealership and schedule an appraisal with them.


The dealership will let you know what your vehicle is worth and make an offer to buy the car. There is a shortage of cars in the global marketplace, so the dealership will be happy to buy your vehicle.


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