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How to Sell your Car in Glen Abbey Quickly

How to Sell your Car in Glen Abbey Quickly

The used car market is very hot right now, dealerships and consumers are fighting hard to buy used cars and this creates a unique opportunity if you want to sell your car in Glen Abbey Quickly


Putting your best foot forward


To get the most money possible when you sell your car in Glen Abbey, you will need to clean the car, have it detailed and provide all of the paperwork needed.


Proof of ownership, this may seem like a no-brainer but some people try to sell a car even though there is a lien on it. A lien is a legal claim made by a lender against the vehicle, until the loan is repaid in full the car cannot be sold.


Maintenance records


There are services like CarFax which can provide a background on the vehicle. You should also bring along the receipts from all of the oil changes, routine maintenance, and even minor repair work you had performed on the car. This documentation is proof the car is well maintained and therefore commands the highest possible price.


You can use Kelly Blue Book for pricing insight but the quotes that you get from that website will not match the actual market conditions.


Locating customers


There are many different ways you can look for potential buyers. You might reach out to your circle of friends or ask your local mechanic if they know of anyone.


Do not give in to the temptation to advertise on social media. You will end up wasting a copious amount of time and not get your asking price. If these buyers were serious, they would be dealing with local dealerships and auction sites which has a more transparent car buying process.


If you come across a prospective buyer from “out of town” who said that they cannot meet you in person but will send you a cheque and have someone pick up the car, do not accept the offer.


This is a type of scam where the check is no good but by the time you find out, the car is gone and your bank account has been dinged with a bounced check fee. Make it a priority to only deal with legitimate individuals or businesses.


Benefits of dealing with a local buyer


You may be tempted to try and auction the car online and while these auctions can be effective, there are fees you will incur and no guarantee you will get the price you want.


When you work with a local buyer, you can meet with them in person and make sure everything is above board. A great option is to sell your car to a local dealership that has a great reputation in the community.


Dealerships can prepare a quote for your consideration in a matter of minutes. When the quote is prepared, you can accept the payment in cash or use it to buy another car.


Most dealerships will give you extra on the car if you use it as a trade-in.  Whether you accept the cash payment or trade-in, you will have peace of mind knowing the check from the dealership is good.


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