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How to Sell your Car for the First Time - 2022 Guide

How to Sell your Car for the First Time - 2022 Guide

With the holidays coming up, you might consider selling your used car for some extra cash. Used cars are selling like hotcakes and it seems that people are getting paid substantial sums of cash for mediocre cars. This is making it a strange yet unique time to sell your car for the first time, this article will give some tips on how you can do this safely, and easily.


Not all used cars are created equal


There are certain makes and models of used cars that are more popular than others. Jeep Wranlgers for example are popular and the older ones are in some instances selling for just as much as the brand new models.


Coming up with a killer advertisement for your used car


The pandemic has forced us all to shop online and that includes car buying. If you want to attract as many qualified buyers as possible when you sell your car for the first time, your advertisement will need to stand out.


Make sure you take high quality pictures of both the inside and exterior of the car and don’t forget the odometer. You could also add watermarks to your pictures so no one can steal your photos and try to impersonate you.


Along with having great photos of your used vehicle, you should provide as much detail as possible about the condition of the vehicle. Since most people don’t want to spend a lot of time reading a used car description, use bullet points so the buyer can zoom in on what matters to them.


Growing a thicker skin


You will get people who make lowball offers or just try to waste your time. If someone comes to you with a lowball offer, you could waste your time trying to explain why your car is worth the price you are asking but that would be waste of your breath. There is an adage that “when the value is apparent, the price doesn’t matter”.


The people coming in with the lowball offers were never serious about buying the car so just move on to someone else.


Having the right documents to sell your car


There are some documents you will need to have prepared when trying to sell your car for the first time. Do you have all of the receipts for work done on the car? If you do not, contact the service center where you had the work performed and consolidate those receipts in a paper folder. Without these receipts, you will not be able to get the full asking price because the prospective buyers will say there is no proof the car was properly serviced.


A better way to sell your used car fast


Even with a greater advertisement and reasonable asking price, your used car may not get any qualified offers for days or weeks.


One hassle free way to get paid quickly and not have to deal with all of the headaches associated with selling your used car is to go to a local dealership. These local dealerships are eager to buy your used car and will pay you right away.


Now that you know how to sell your car quickly and get a fair price for it, you should reach out to the local dealership asap.


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