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How to Sell your Car to a Dealership for a Great Price

How to Sell your Car to a Dealership for a Great Price

There is no doubt that selling your old car to a dealership is the way to go. It’s faster, easier and safer than selling privately and if you’re not buying a car, it’s the best way to make some cash from your old one. But how can you sell your car to a dealership for a great price?


Know its value


The first step to sell your car to a dealership for a great price, you need to know how much it’s worth. That means doing a little research to figure out how much it’s worth.


So your first job is to check the exact make, model, year and trim of car on Carfax, Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji. If you know of other car sales websites, use those too.


If you can find examples with similar mileage too, you should get an accurate read on how much your car could be worth.


Be honest with yourself about your car’s current condition and come up with a value.


Prepare the car for sale


Now it’s time to prepare your car for sale. Give the car a thorough clean inside and out. Clear out the trash, empty the trunk, the glovebox, door pockets and anywhere in the car you stored stuff.


Clean the car as well as you can until it gleams. While it will take effort, clean cars sell better. You may not get more for it but the chances of actually selling it increase exponentially.


Check the tires, wipers, bodywork, lights, trim, interior, upholstery, carpet, interior trim and every inch of the car. Note anywhere that needs attention and plan to give it that attention.


You need to balance spending money on the car you’re about to sell with increasing its value. Anything you can do to fix it up and make it more saleable will increase its value.


Dealerships have to spend time and money reconditioning cars and making those repairs before selling. The more you do, the less the dealership has to do, which will be reflected in the price.


Just don’t spend too much money doing it!


Prepare the paperwork


You’ll obviously need the car’s official paperwork but you would also benefit from having the service paperwork and any receipts for work. Oil changes, brake changes, services, minor repairs and maintenance receipts can all add a little value.


The more complete the picture of your car’s history, the more sellable it will be. The more sellable, the more valuable when you sell to the dealership.


It may be a bit late now to tell you to keep all receipts to do with your car, but if you have them, use them. And use this lesson for your next car!


Get your car valued


You know roughly how much your car is worth, you have prepared it as much as possible for resale and you have all your paperwork. All that’s left to do now is get it appraised at the dealership.


Make an appointment for a valuation. We can handle drop-ins but we don’t always have the people on hand, so appointments work out better for both of us.


Our team will inspect the car, take it for a quick test drive and offer a value. If you accept, we’ll pay direct into your bank the same day!


For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us here!


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