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What Are The Risks Of Buying a Used Car?

What Are The Risks Of Buying a Used Car?

The running costs of cars is often counted as a monetary value but there is a lot more to it than that. This post is going to discuss the real cost of driving an unreliable car and will make the case for selling your old car to our dealership.


A lot of owning a car is measured in monetary terms but that isn’t always fair. There are many more ways a car will influence our life, with money just being one of them.


If you’re driving an old or unreliable car, some of these costs may seem familiar!


Lack of safety tech


Vehicle safety has developed at incredible pace over the past few years. From autonomous braking to 360 degree cameras, driver attention warnings to blind spot monitors, the technology has developed apace.


While none of these will guarantee your safety, they can all contribute towards it.


Older cars will have little or none of these safety features, which could be putting yourself and your family at risk.



Frequent breakdowns

Frequent breakdowns are a hallmark of many older cars but their cost isn’t just about paying for a tow and for repairs.


You also get a reputation for being unreliable. You can get in trouble for lateness at work. Be late to pick up the kids from school. Arrive with greasy hands after fixing the fault. Or not turn up at all.


All these things have a cost you cannot always measure in dollars. Whether it’s family, friends or your boss, not being reliable or dependable isn’t going to end well.


Spending more on gas

A thirsty car is definitely more expensive to run but it also has an environmental impact. With more parts of the world trying to reduce carbon emissions, there is a lot of attention given to motoring.

As a prime polluter, emissions play a significant part in global warming. Even if you don’t acknowledge the link, there is no disputing pollution and its affect on our towns and cities.


An effect exacerbated by every old and inefficient car on the road.


Efficient use of funds


Efficient use of funds is a monetary effect of driving an older car. How much do you spend on tows or repairs each month? Is it over $250? If so, that’s as much as some auto loans.


Which would you rather do? Spend that much keeping your local mechanic in beer and vacations or spend that much driving a new car?


We know which we would prefer!


We should all support our local businesses but we have to put our own needs first.


Given the choice, we think most of us would prefer to forego all the issues above and drive a new car. Especially if our monthly outgoings didn’t increase as a result!


All that begins when you sell your car to a dealership. You don’t have to buy a car from us but we can help you find a new car if you do!


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