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Rising Used Car Prices in Canada and how to Benefit from them

Rising Used Car Prices in Canada and how to Benefit from them

Rising used car prices in Canada could benefit you greatly provided you have the right approach. We have done the research and come up with the steps you should follow when trying to sell your used car.


Prepping your car


This is the first and most important step when selling used cars appearance is everything. Start by cleaning out the interior and having the exterior detailed. You may think this is a needless expense, but it can make all the difference when you are trying to attract as many buyers as possible.


Creating an impressive used car advertisement


You will need to channel your creative writing skills and instead of writing a long-winded description. You should try to keep the content simple, easy-to-read, and use bullet points.


While having great content is important, the images of the used car will make or break your advertisement. Wait until it is a sunny day and take a series of photos inside and outside your vehicle. You want to provide enough information so prospective buyers don’t feel like you are hiding anything.


Where to post your used car advertisements


The days of posting your used car advertisement on local community bulletin boards or newspapers are long gone. There are a plethora of websites that let you post used car advertisements.


You will come across some websites that will charge an extra fee to have your used car advertisement appear more prominently. While there are benefits to using paid advertisements, you would be competing with multiple sellers so don’t waste your money.


If you are seriously thinking about using social media to try and reach prospective customers, don’t. Social media has marketplaces where people can buy and sell things. The downside to these marketplaces is most of the people who visit them are not looking to buy used cars. Most of the people who use social media will try to make lowball offers and waste time.


Advertise a low price to start a bidding war


This tactic doesn’t always work but you are not obliged to accept any offers. By using a low price, you should receive multiple offers from prospective buyers. You can tell the buyers that you have received a competing offer at a higher price. If the buyers are serious, they will increase their offer because the used car market is insane right now.


Pain-free ways to sell your car fast


Selling your used car can be a wonderful experience but if you need cash fast or just don’t have time to do the legwork, your local dealership is a great option, and they are paying more than ever due to rising used car prices in Canada


The dealership has the cash on hand to cut a check or you could use the trade-in value of the car and buy a new one. You never have to worry about scams or dealing with the hassles that come with selling used cars.


You should drive over to your local dealership today and find out how much money your car is worth. The sooner you reach out to the dealership, the sooner you get paid.


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