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When it's Time to Replace your Old Car in Niagara Falls

When it's Time to Replace your Old Car in Niagara Falls

There’s nothing wrong with driving an older car, but if that car is unreliable, inefficient or lets you down, it may be a false economy. When that time comes, it may actually be cheaper to pay for an auto loan than a breakdown truck. We asked our Niagara Falls auto loans team to outline come key signs that tell you when it’s time to replace your old car.


The car keeps breaking down


The main indicator is when your car keeps breaking down or needing a tow. If you can’t depend on it to get you to work or wherever you need to go, that’s when the car stops being useful.


Employers will tolerate occasional lateness because stuff happens, but frequent or habitual lateness is something else entirely.


Plus, recovery can be expensive!


You’re spending more on gas and repairs


All cars need investment in gas, parts, maintenance, servicing and all that but when you’re spending more on gas and repairs than you should, it’s a good sign the car needs to go.


Apparently, the average running cost of a car is $1,500 per year. If you’re spending much more than that, you could just be throwing money down the drain.


If you’re spending significantly more than that on spares and repairs, it’s definitely time to replace your car!


Parts are hard to come by


Most parts for most cars are licensed and are readily available. The older the car, the fewer options you have. Pattern parts aren’t always up to the qualify of genuine parts but once your car reaches a certain age, that’s all you can get.


When parts and people who know how to repair your make and model of car become scarce, that’s a good time to upgrade.


Running costs are close to an auto loan payment


When all those things mentioned above begin costing you close to what an auto loan would each month, it’s time to upgrade.


Keep your old car as a spare or a hobby car if you can’t bear to part with it but upgrade. Being late for work or school isn’t going to end well. Neither is wasting money on frequent repairs, frequent visits to the pump and regular tows.


As long as you have a decent credit score, and even if you don’t, we can find you a competitive deal on an auto loan that could deliver a safe, reliable car you can depend on.


It isn’t our intent to make you spend money you don’t have or don’t want to spend but there comes a time when enough is enough and you need to invest a little in your way of life.


When that time comes, you know who to call.


We will use all our skill and experience to deliver the lowest possible Grimsby auto loan rates, guaranteed. Contact Car Nation Canada Direct to learn how we can help.


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