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How Can I Prevent Identity Theft In Waterdown?

How Can I Prevent Identity Theft In Waterdown?

Let's talk about how to prevent identity theft. It is something that can happen to anyone, and learning more about it is a great way to prevent it!. This isn’t something you need to be scared of, more aware of. When you know the risks, you can take sensible steps to protect yourself from them.


Whether you’re planning a car loan in Waterdown or just want to keep yourself safe, our team of experts outline some actionable tips to prevent identity theft.


Be aware of the risks


Educate yourself to the potential risks out there. Consider phishing, trash diving, ATM skimming, physical theft, malware and hacking. Learn a little about each and about how you can protect yourself from them.


Never click an email link


This tip alone could protect you from the vast majority of identity theft that happens in Canada!


Even if the email looks legitimate and you genuinely believe it’s from your bank or credit card company, never click an email link. They are too easy to fake.


If you receive an email you believe to be genuine, visit the organization’s website separately. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, call the customer service number on your card. They will always prefer you call them than fall for this very common trick.


Shred or burn your documents


A shredder is one of the best investments you can make if you don’t have a wood burner or open fire. Shredding your old documents, bank statements and other stuff with your personal details on means you keep it away from prying eyes.


While dumpster diving isn’t common in Canada, it does happen. Shred or burn everything to protect yourself as much as possible.


Protect your devices


Using a software firewall on all your devices adds an extra layer of protection from hacks and malware. Perform virus and malware scans regularly to keep your devices clean. That goes for computers, tablets and phones.


Never trust open WiFi at airports or in cafes. Use your cell service or a VPN whenever you’re using a network you don’t know.


Be aware when you share


Oversharing on social media isn’t just a social faux pas, it’s also dangerous. Telling people too much about your business, when you’re going on vacation, who you bank with or even who you work for can lead to trouble.


Be aware of who you’re talking to on social media and be aware they may not actually be who they say they are.


Keep an eye on your credit report


Finally, keep an eye on your credit report to be alerted to any credit applications or changes you didn’t authorize. Some financial products offer free access or emails whenever your credit report sees a change.


Otherwise, request your free reports from Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada to make sure you always know what’s going on.


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