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How to Prevent Car Theft: 6 Simple Tips

How to Prevent Car Theft: 6 Simple Tips

If you’re going to be paying for a car loan for the foreseeable future, you need to protect that investment. Do what you can to keep it secure and lower the risks of damage, theft or worse of your property. We asked our Kitchener auto loans team to share some effective ways to help prevent car theft or damage.


Keep it Locked


Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Keep your car locked to prevent it being stolen? Yet we see people every day stop for a coffee or to go into a store and not locking their car. While newer cars lock themselves after a time, there’s a window of opportunity a thief can use to take your car.


Never leave your car unlocked and unsupervised. Whether you’re going into the gas station or stopping for a coffee.


Don’t Leave Desirable Items on Display


If you’re parking your car for a time, don’t leave your phone, laptop or any other desirable item on display. Hide them under the seat or in the trunk.


It’s easier to steal items from a car than steal the car and anything a criminal can sell for quick cash is going to attract them. Avoid this at all costs and hide anything of value out of sight.


Use Visual Anti-Theft Devices


If you live in a higher crime area, using an anti-theft device like a steering wheel lock or shifter lock is an extra deterrent for a thief. The principle is simple. Offered two identical cars, one with an anti-theft device and one without, the criminal will always go for the car without first.


It will be faster to steal, requires fewer tools and less time. All things a criminal has to be conscious of when stealing.


Have Your Windows Etched


Having your license plate number etched into each window is a low key preventative measure but it works. It means the car will be harder to use on false plates, which is a key way stolen cars are used and transported.


Of course, this depends on the criminal noticing the etching, but considering the low cost, it’s something worth investigating.


Park in Well Lit Areas


If you park overnight outside your property or when you’re out for dinner or something, try to park in well lit areas wherever possible. Criminals love the dark and will avoid well lit areas wherever possible.


Try to park close to or underneath a street light or parking lot light to add a little extra security to your car.


Install a Tracker


Many new cars have the option of having a tracker installed at the factory. There are also third party companies that will install trackers in your car. While they don’t always prevent theft, they can help law enforcement quickly find your car.


Even though there are usually stickers informing would-be criminals that your car has a tracker, not everyone pays attention. Those that do will choose easier prey. Those that don’t should quickly be caught!


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