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How to Prepare your Car to Sell to a Dealership

How to Prepare your Car to Sell to a Dealership

Knowing how to prepare your car to sell to a dealership will highly increase your chances of selling it for a higher price!


The process is relatively simple. You prepare the car, prepare the paperwork, have the car appraised and decide whether you want to accept the offer or not.


If you do, you could get paid that very same day. It’s easy!


We buy cars for cash and can pay the same day, direct into your bank. There is no safer, easier way to sell a car!


Preparing the car for sale


When you prepare a car to sell, it typically means giving it a good clean. Give it a good clean inside and out and remove all personal items from the car.


Once clean, go over the car as if you were a buyer. Take note of any obvious damage or imperfections inside and out. Once you’re done, work your way through that list assessing whether fixing it would be worth it or not.


Spend time and a little money if necessary, making repairs to obvious areas of damage like chips, worn tires, worn wipers, blown bulbs and so on. Balance spending money with what you might get in return and try not to spend too much.


Give the car a final clean and wax just before bringing it in for valuation.


Prepare the paperwork


You’ll need the car’s official paperwork to sell it. It would also help to have its service history and any receipts or invoices for maintenance work.


If you have spare keys and the manual, you’ll need those too.


If you had an auto loan on the car and it’s all paid off, it might help to bring the loan settlement confirmation too. Sometimes, if the finance marker hasn’t been cleared on the car, having the proof that it has been paid off makes life a lot easier!


Having the car valued


Make an appointment at one of our dealerships to have the car appraised. You can just drive in if you like but occasionally there may be a wait until someone is free.


We will inspect the car, take it for a quick test drive and make a valuation. We’ll make you an offer there and then if the car is suitable.


If you accept the offer, we’ll do the paperwork and pay directly into your bank. You’ll usually see the money within hours, but we pay right away. The rest is down to our banks!


Selling your car to a dealership is simple, fast and safe. We pay more than ever before and can get much closer to what you would get selling privately, just without the hassle!


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