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Paperwork Needed to Sell a Car in Canada

Paperwork Needed to Sell a Car in Canada

The absence of appropriate paperwork may reduce the value of your vehicle and make potential buyers look elsewhere. Despite the shortage of used cars in Canada, this isn’t enough to overcome nervousness.


So, what is the paperwork needed to sell a car in Canada?


Even after you have done thorough research, discussed a price and taken some nice pictures you have to gather all the documents needed.


You must understand that several provinces have different requirements. Therefore, the paperwork required in your local area should be your priority.


The title


This is the most important paperwork needed to sell your car. People that still have a lien will need to tell the holder about the sale. You must pay the amount you owe before the title is given to the new owner.


It is possible to misplace your title. You can ask your local authorities to get you another title, but it will cost money.


Bill of sale


This document keeps a record of all information on the operations between the buyer and seller.


While not always legally binding, having a written record of the transaction, signed by both seller and buyer covers you from the majority of issues that might arise later.


Release of liability or notice of transfer


if your car is involved in an accident after selling it you could be in danger if it is still registered under your name.


This document is required to protect you from any issues that occur in the future after selling the vehicle. You must tell the authorities about the sale and submit a release of liability form or offer a notice of transfer.


This paperwork is not needed in some provinces, but it is important to still have it.


Service records


Service records are needed to show the maintenance of your vehicle. Most buyers want to see this because it gives them proof that they are purchasing a good asset.


A coherent service history is needed to get the best price for your vehicle because it shows it has been properly maintained.


The service book can be seen in the same folder as the owner's manual. This paperwork also shows what type of service has been carried out, when it was done and what the mileage was at the time.


Any repair history


If you have had the car maintained or repaired, any paperwork covering that is also good. It isn’t necessary to sell the car but it can help paint a picture of a car that has been well looked after and maintained.


Warranty paperwork


The chances of finding a buyer fast increase if your vehicle is under the company's warranty or extended warranty. If you still have a warranty, make sure to provide a copy when selling the car.


Owner’s manual


The new owner will need this paperwork to solve common issues or if they need a reference to solve any problem. You can find a copy online if you have issues finding yours.


Those are the main documents you’ll need when selling a car. This obviously doesn’t include the used vehicle information package (UVIP) as no car sale can go ahead without that!


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