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How To Never Miss A Car Loan Payment In Dunnville

How To Never Miss A Car Loan Payment In Dunnville

Balancing multiple outgoings each month requires time, planning and organization. Three things that can be in short supply when we have a family, lives to live, jobs to work and bills to pay. Yet there are some simple ways to never miss a car loan payment in Dunnville.


Today’s blog post will outline some practical, actionable tips to help you manage your payments. We hope they help!


Set up automatic payments


Most auto loans will provide automatic payments when you sign the paperwork. Other accounts will likely have the facility for automatic payments. We recommend using them.


They are a sure way to never miss a payment and get a blot on your credit report. They can take money out as soon as you get paid and ensure all your obligations are met.


All without you doing a thing.


Set all payments for the same day


Some debts, including auto loans, allow you to set a payment date. We recommend setting that for the day after payday. That way you have the money in your account and everything is paid before you have a chance to spend.


Having everything come out at once can be a little depressing at first but it does mean you have an entire month with very little else to deplete your account!


Set up online accounts


If you haven’t already, set up online accounts for your bank, credit card, auto loan and any other debt or regular payment you have. Having the account in place means you can quickly check payments, address any issues, access help and manage your accounts.


While having online accounts won’t prevent missed payments, they mean you can quickly make a payment once you realize you’re late!


Use a calendar app for reminders


Use a calendar app on your phone or computer to remind you of any payment you cannot make automatically. You should also set a remind for any first couple of automatic payments to make sure they go through.


Doing in on your phone or computer you use all the time should prevent you missing any payments and help keep you on track.


Set up automatic savings


If you’re fortunate enough to have money left at the end of the month, set up automatic savings to put some away. Everyone needs savings whether it’s for emergencies, home improvement or maintenance, servicing the car or saving for the kid’s college.


It doesn’t have to be much. It could be as little as $25-30 per month. Every little helps and even a couple of hundred dollars in savings could save your skin in an emergency!


Do you know of any other ways to help never miss a car loan payment in Dunnville?


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