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How to Limit Risk when Selling a Car in Canada

How to Limit Risk when Selling a Car in Canada

This is not clickbait, we're going to explain how to limit risk when selling a car in Canada, but we are going to first discuss the steps involved in selling a used car before we get to the easy part.


What is the condition of your used car? The condition of your used car is critical when setting the asking price, and also when you are writing up the advertisement.


If your car is still on the road, you could bring the vehicle in for an inspection. The inspection will let you know if there are any issues with the car; if there are, you should repair the vehicle to make it roadworthy.


By getting the car roadworthy, prospective buyers are more likely to pay a premium. There are a few things you will need to do, to make your vehicle stand out but we will cover it.


Making your car shine


You should clean the car and get it detailed by professionals. If your car is not clean or it doesn’t look well maintained, prospective buyers are not going to make any offers.


When you have the car cleaned and detailed, you can whip out your camera and start taking pictures of the car and highlight the best parts of the vehicle. If you are motivated and want to stand out, you should also make a video.


While making the video, try to show the vehicle running and if you have someone helping you, take the car for a drive on the highway. All of these steps are necessary if you want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. It seems like a lot of work but worth the effort.


Best places to list your used car for sale


There is a fair amount of debate about where to advertise your used car for sale. One of the best places would be AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos.


If you are thinking about putting your car for sale on social media, you should never follow through with that idea. Social media might seem like a good place to sell things, and it is great when selling small things but since we are dealing with a used car, the people who use social media are not serious about buying a car.


Additionally, most of the scams that are committed online, are from social media so avoid these platforms at all costs. Limit risk when selling a used car by avoiding social media.


We promised we would show you the quickest way to sell your used car for fast money. The best way to sell your used car for quick cash, you should head over to car dealerships in your area. Visit a few local dealerships until you find the one that has the most competitive offer.


These dealerships are able to pay cash, which is great news when you need money fast. Keep in mind that the dealership will not be able to pay you the full asking price but they will give you a competitive offer. We’ve shown you a risk-free way to sell your used car, so head over to the dealership now.


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