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How to sell your used car like a true professional

How to sell your used car like a true professional

The used car market has never been this hot, people are selling their used car and getting paid a premium for it. If you are seriously thinking about selling your used car, our tips are going to give you the edge you need.

Prepping your car for sale

Prior to advertising your car for sale, you need to have it professionally detailed and washed. You want prospective buyers to look at your used car and imagine themselves owning the vehicle, how can a person get excited about buying a car if it is dirty inside and out?

The money and time you spend having your car professionally detailed will be worth the investment, because it helps you negotiate a higher asking price.

Determining the value of your car

Pricing a used car takes finesse, if you price the car too high, even in this market and you could go a long time before you receive a competitive offer.

What most first-time car sellers do is look for pricing insight on Kelly Blue Book or AutoTrader, while these websites can provide you with a ballpark price range, it is not as accurate as a professional appraisal.

Important paperwork you will need

You will need to download the used car selling kit if you are selling the car in Ontario. This kit may sound like another piece of red tape from the government, but it does help protect you and the prospective buyer from any legal hassles going forward.

On the topic of legal hassles, do you have a clear title? When you purchased the car, you most likely had it financed through a 3rd party lender. This lender would have registered a lien against the vehicle until the debt was repaid in full.

Have you paid off the car loan or is there still a debt owed? The average used car buyer will not buy a used car if there is a lien still registered against the vehicle. If the loan was paid off, you need to get a copy of the release letter that the lender mailed after your last payment. If the debt has not been paid, you should take care of that right away.

Avoiding used car selling scams

The pandemic has allowed scammers to cheat used car sellers out of a tremendous amount of money. Make it a rule that you will only deal with local buyer and only in person.

While the Omicron variant has made it difficult to do things in person, be sure to follow the health advisories but still insist on sticking with local buyers.

If you want cash fast and don’t want to deal with the challenges that come with selling a used car, then your best option is to go to a local car dealership.

The dealership will conduct an appraisal, let you know what your car is worth and make a cash offer. Once you accept the offer, the dealership pays you on the spot and you get a cash. This is the quickest and safest way to sell a used car.

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