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How to sell your car in Milton today for the most money

How to sell your car in Milton today for the most money


When you feel it’s time to part ways with your old set of wheels, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the highest value offer you can.

You should start by doing some research to see what other people have sold the car for.  Make sure you look for the same year, make, model and approximate mileage range when searching.  The best thing you can do when heading into a negotiation is to come armed with as much information as possible.  Having this knowledge also helps to manage your own expectations of what you might be offered.

Keep a detailed record of your vehicle’s maintenance history.  Proving that you’ve taken care of your car over the years tells potential buyers that it will be worth their investment.  Peace of mind on the buyer’s part goes a long way when it comes to how much they’re willing to spend on your car.

If there are small things you can do on your own to improve the condition of the vehicle before sale, go ahead and do it.  Taking care of some small details could make a big difference in the outcome of your sale.  This could be replacing wiper blades or light bulbs, but nothing major that might cost you more than you’d ever get for the car.  If there are major repairs that need to be done, make sure you disclose that to potential buyers.

Presenting a clean car for sale makes more of a difference than you might think.  Similar to staging a home for sale, you want your potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in the car.  That means a blank page for them to fill in as they wish.  Do your best to remove any of your personal belongings and clean up any trash inside the car.  Get into those nooks and crannies and give it a good clean before showing it off to anyone.  Your car may be well looked after, but if it isn’t clean, buyers won’t be as apt to believe it.

Another reason you can sell for the most money right now has nothing to do with your car: it’s all about the market.  Used cars continue to sell for higher than ever prices because of the backlog in production of new vehicles worldwide.  This was caused by microchip and other raw material shortages along with staffing issues in factories everywhere due to Covid-19.  The car business in general is still in recovery and dealers are actively seeking used vehicles to fill up their lots.

You can sell your car to a dealer for top dollar with little to no hassle.  At Car Nation Canada Direct we’ll take care of everything and make sure you leave happy with your decision to sell your car to us.  You can even get started by filling out the form for a no-obligation appraisal today.


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