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How to sell your car in Canada like a pro

How to sell your car in Canada like a pro

If you are thinking about selling your car, there has never been a better time in recorded history. Used car prices are rising daily and you should be able to get a fair price for your car.

What is your car worth?

You may have seen someone on websites like Auto Trader selling their car for a high amount and you figure you will get the same for your car. When trying to work out what your car is worth, you need to look at all of the variables.

Where are you located?

Your geographic location will have a direct impact on how much money you can get for your used car. If you are in the GTA, you will have an easier time finding someone who wants to buy your car and can pay the asking price compared to if you were trying to sell the car in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

Do you have supporting documentation for your used vehicle?

Prepare the vehicle registration documents and proof there are no liens on the car. You would be amazed there are people out there trying to sell their car but still have a loan outstanding. If there are liens on the car, they must be released before you can sell the car.

Having the service records of the used car will help you get top dollar. By showing the prospective buyer that the car was properly serviced at regular intervals, there is a reasonable expectation that the car will perform well going forward.

Finding prospective buyers

This is the most challenging part of the process because there is a tremendous amount of competition in the used car marketplace. You will be trying to compete with other professional sellers who have deep pockets and sophisticated tools to sell their cars.

If you are thinking that you can just post an advertisement on social media and the phone will start ringing, you will be in for a shock.

Most of the buyers and I use that term loosely on social media are not serious about buying a used car. They will ask you questions about the car and then never respond after you answer those questions or they will come back to you with a low offer.

Even if the amount that was being offered by the “buyers” on social media looks like something you would accept, there are scammers.

What some scammers do is pay for the car with a check, you hand over the car keys and deposit the check. It can take a few days or even weeks for the check to clear but it will not, these scammers use fake checks that bounce and by the time you find out about the scam, your car is long gone.

These crimes go unreported because the police will say it is a civil and not a criminal matter.

Making the right decision

The best way to sell your car and get a fair price is to reach out to a local dealership and get a professional appraisal. This appraisal is a firm offer, if you accept it the dealership will cut a check right away.

You will have peace of mind knowing the dealership check is good and you can get your money fast.

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