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How to deal with viewings when selling your car

How to deal with viewings when selling your car

There are several specific steps involved when selling a car privately. Each has its own challenges and some people will find each step easier than the other. The step that many people have trouble with is the viewing.

That’s what we are going to help with today.

When you sell your car to a dealership, the appraiser handles the viewing and you can sit back with a coffer while they work.

With a private sale, you have to be there to walk the buyer around the car and talk them through any issues. Not everyone is comfortable dealing with strangers, especially when there’s money involved.

Here are a few tips to help.

Get the viewer’s details

As soon as someone says they want to come look at the car, get their details. It’s not about capturing data but about being able to get in touch should anything change.

For example, if you suddenly find the car won’t start and it needs to go to the shop, you need to tell the buyer to hang fire before they come view. If someone else buys the car before that buyer views, you’ll want to let them know so as to not waste their time.

Be wary of buyers who don’t need to view

Any sane person is going to want to check out the object they are planning to spend several hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on.

Anyone that doesn’t is probably a scammer. There are a few ‘sold unseen’ scams around and they are as common today as they were 10 years ago.

If any buyer contacts you to say they’ll buy the car without inspecting it first, ignore them. The same for anyone saying they’ll send a friend or a local shipping agent.

They are all variations of scams.

Never provide the VIN over the phone

The VIN, Vehicle Identification Number is your car’s serial number. It is unique to your car and a vital piece of information required by insurance companies, law enforcement and vehicle manufacturers.

Criminals also use the VIN to clone cars. To take a stolen car and put your license plates on it to make it look legit.

Never give out the VIN over the phone. While a criminal can get it easily enough when they view the car, they probably won’t bother.

Hold the viewing somewhere well lit and public

Holding the viewing somewhere public protects both of you. Make sure it’s well lit and easily accessible, like a mall car park or somewhere like that. Some police departments have safe zones you can use too.

Public viewings protect you by being visible, perhaps covered by cameras and in a high traffic area.

They protect the buyer for those same reasons, which is why we recommend holding viewings during the day wherever possible and in a public space like a mall, restaurant or cinema car park.

Walk the buyer around then give them space

Once the buyer arrives, walk them around the car showing everything then step back and give them space to inspect.

Make sure you’re never far away and would see if they tampered with anything, but don’t hover over their shoulder. Make sure you keep the keys with you too!

A buyer wants to see everything about the car and make sure they know what they are getting. They will also want you close so they can ask questions if they have any.

You could avoid the anxiety of viewings by selling your car to a dealership. We’ll take all the hassle out of selling your car and we pay cash into your bank too!

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